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Data Products for Purchase

Census 2000 Nationwide SF 1 DVD 1
This DVD contains nationwide Census 2000 SF 1 data for up to eight summary levels: State, Congressional District, County, County Subdivision, Place, Indian Reservation, Census Tract, and Block Group.
Delivered on a single DVD
Contains 286 tables (8,113 fields) for Census Tract and above, and 227 tables (3,060 fields) for Block Groups
Contains variables that describe population, sex, age, race, Hispanic or Latino, household relationship, household type, group quarters population, housing occupancy, and housing tenure
Includes the Table Chooser SF 1 add-in to create a table file or, if you have the boundaries for a summary level, a geographic file, with the desired SF 1 tables
Works with TransCAD 4.0 or higher
Works with Maptitude 4.5 or higher
SINGLE USER LICENSE: Licensed for use with a single copy of Maptitude or TransCAD

Price: $995

To Order:
Download the Data CD Order Form and fax to 617-527-5113, or call Caliper Sales at 617-527-4700.

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