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Data Products for Purchase

U.S. ZIP Codes with Estimates and/or Projections
The Transportation Data CD includes numerous nationwide geographic layers.
Geographic boundaries and 2008 projections and/or 2010 projections data (305 fields) for:
- total population
- age (Under 1, 1-4, five year age groups from 5-9 to 80-84, and 85+)
- race (White, Black, American Indian/Alaska Native, and Asian/Pacific Islander)
- sex (Male and Female)
- Hispanic origin (Non-Hispanic/Latino and Hispanic/Latino)
NOTE: Does not include 2000 Census variables; Boundaries are from October 2007
Available nationwide (50 states and the District of Columbia) or for individual states on a single CD
Caliper compact data format (CDF) for TransCAD 5.0 or higher and Maptitude 5.0 or higher
ZIP Code Centroid version available in Esri Shapefile (SHP)
SINGLE USER LICENSE: Licensed for use with a single copy of Maptitude, TransCAD, or other software. For multiple license discounts, please contact Caliper Sales.
ZIP Codes with 2008 Projections or ZIP Codes with 2010 Projections:
$495 (Nationwide)
$295 (CA, FL, NY, or TX)
(All Other States)
ZIP Codes with both the 2008 and 2010 Projections:
$895 (Nationwide)
$495 (CA, FL, NY, or TX)
(All Other States)
To Order:
Download the Data CD Order Form and fax to 617-527-5113, or call Caliper Sales at 617-527-4700.

Sample map of ZIP Codes with estimates and projections for use with Maptitude and TransCAD map software

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