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TransCAD for the Web Overview

TransCAD for the Web™ is a web mapping software package that is ideal for developing online transportation planning applications. TransCAD for the Web provides a framework for developing many types of online applications and services that require mapping and routing functions, including:

TransCAD for the Web has all of the tools you need to create compelling and attractive maps, plus special capabilities for designing and running transportation planning applications on the Internet. You can quickly create simple applications, without programming, by assembling existing controls and linking them to any geographic data. Experienced programmers can create complex web applications and web services by accessing a rich set of .NET classes and modifying the source code for the existing templates.If your organization has specific requirements for a mapping web site, Caliper is available for developing a solution that includes TransCAD for the Web and a custom web application template. Contact us for additional information.

TransCAD for the Web includes the following:

With TransCAD for the Web, you can quickly add mapping capabilities to your web site by following a few steps:

Who Benefits from TransCAD for the Web

TransCAD for the Web is robust enough to meet the specific needs of all types of users:

Map designers can use all of the capabilities of TransCAD to design maps that communicate. You have complete control over the display settings of map features. Choose the style of features, the scales at which they are visible, and how and when they are labeled. MapWizard® automatic mapping technology helps you create color and pattern maps, dot-density maps, scaled-symbol maps, and maps with integrated pie charts and bar charts.

Web site designers can incorporate TransCAD for the Web controls into other web pages. You can modify the HTML tags or modify the graphic elements to maintain a consistent design within your web site. Additionally, you can use web authoring tools to make adjustments to the layout and content of your application.

Application developers can extend the functions provided by TransCAD for the Web by programming custom web forms, user controls and web services in ASP.NET and XML. All of the powerful geographic and database functions of GISDK, the Caliper GIS Developer's Kit, can be included in a web application. You can develop your own templates and distribute them to map designers who can use them to quickly customize applications with different maps and different geographic layers. In addition TransCAD for the Web integrates with Visual Studio.NET.

GIS Software Development

Caliper offers TransCAD and GISDK training in classroom settings or on-site at your location. Our training can be customized to your needs and user group. Caliper also provides custom application and turnkey system development services, including web page creation. We specialize in designing, implementing, and integrating GIS applications for large enterprises and government organizations. We develop:

We can host a web services for you or deliver a web services platform that you can host on your own servers.

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