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USA 2010 Census Data Mapping

Since 1995 the Maptitude mapping software has made it easy to access a wealth of US Census data for the entire country. You can quickly visualize Census demographics using a suite of wizard-driven tools. Maptitude also provides a map library that contains numerous pre-designed maps listed by Census category. These include thematic maps of demographic, income, and housing data. The Map Librarian lets you open one or more of these maps for a chosen location, allowing you to quickly analyze U.S. Census data for your area of interest.

Census demographics for other countriesThe Census is the only comprehensive and truly reliable source for nationwide demographics. Maptitude contains Census variables that describe population, age, race, gender, ethnicity, and housing, as well as ACS data for income, occupation, education, language spoken, marital status, travel mode and time, housing value, and housing costs.

The 2010 Census and ACS Data:

Caliper Corporation leads the industry in the processing and release of Census data. The Maptitude United States Country Package includes Census and ACS data for many boundaries including US Census Tracts, Counties, County Subdivisions (MCDs and CCDs), Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs), and States. In addition, Census Block Groups and Blocks can be purchased separately for use with Maptitude.

The detailed 2010 Census data are equivalent to the 2000 Census Short Form (SF1) questions which include data on households, such as sex, age, race, Hispanic or Latino, household relationship, and tenure.

The American Community Survey (ACS) 5-year data are an average over a 5-year period, and are the replacement for the 2000 Census long-form (SF3) questions that cover social, economic, and housing characteristics such as income, education, employment, and mode of travel to work. The ACS data are updated each year and included in the latest version of the United States Country Package.

The Census 2010 Redistricting Data DVD contains the "PL" (Public Law 94-171) data. This enumerates basic information on the U.S. population in the 2010 Census. It includes data on people's race and whether they are of Hispanic origin for both the total and the adult population. The 2010 Redistricting Data DVD can be purchased for a US state for $1,000 or for a county for $500.

»Learn more about what Census data are included in other Maptitude Country Packages.

“The Maptitude demographics provide significant added value not available from other sources, revealing new information such as how many adolescents are likely to use a health program. ”

Leslie Hendrickson, Owner; Hendrickson Development

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Census Software Highlights
  • Maptitude includes Census demographic data
  • Create maps illustrating Census data
  • U.S. Census data provided from the state level down to the tract level
  • U.S. data includes latest ACS demographics
  • Census data available for other countries including Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, and the UK

Create color, symbol, chart, heat, or prism maps with the included Census and ACS data

FIGURE 1: Create color, heat, dot, chart, and symbol maps illustrating Census demographic data such as this map that shows the number of people under age 18 and the percent of the population under age 18 by county based on the Census ACS data.

Maptitude Census Software has Census and ACS data for tract level household income maps

FIGURE 2: Maptitude includes Census and American Community Survey data down to the tract level in the United States.