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Maptitude Thematic Mapping Software

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What is a Thematic Map

Thematic Map Software such as Maptitude can assemble information about map features to create a map that illustrates the patterns in the data. This is called a thematic map. Thematic maps use distinctive colors, symbols, and fill styles to portray data such as population, transit ridership, mode split, or income. The different styles highlight the similarities and differences among map features.

Types of Thematic Map

In some kinds of thematic maps, Maptitude changes the appearance of each feature based on its characteristics. In other types of thematic maps, Maptitude displays charts or symbols on each feature to illustrate comparative information. When data are portrayed in a thematic map, the information becomes easier to see, understand, and interpret.

Thematic mapping software - color themeColor Theme
Thematic mapping software - symbol themeSymbol Theme
Thematic mapping software - dot-density themeDot-Density Theme
Thematic mapping software - chart themeChart Theme
Thematic mapping software - size themeSize Theme
Thematic mapping software - 3D theme3D Theme

Thematic Mapping Software Reviews

Nick Nicholas

“Maptitude has a wealth of analytical features that satisfy my ongoing needs in the area of demographic analysis. Regular in the business/demographic sphere include thematic mapping, route planning, territory design, trade area analysis and location/allocation modelling.”

  Nich Nicholas
Sydney, Australia
Brett Lucas

“All of the tools you need to do spatial analysis are included in the software at the base price. No need to pay for costly add-ons or extensions. This includes state, county, MSA, zip code and census tract level line work and data including all 255 Census fields. The user has the ability to do point maps, thematic maps, drive-time rings and advanced spatial and statistical analysis.”


   Brett Lucas
Spokane, Washington

Deciding Which Type of Theme to Use

Thematic maps illustrate the characteristics of map features, so that the characteristics are easy to see and understand. A map theme is a styling of map features according to the values of one or more data fields. Choosing the correct theme can be tricky. The table below helps you choose the correct tool for the data you are using.

If your data contain... For example... Then you should...
Counts or amounts Population, Sales Use any kind of theme
Percentages, ratios, or averages Mean Income, Percent Hispanic Avoid dot-density themes
Negative numbers Change in Population Use color or symbol themes
Non-numeric information Zoning, Sales Territory Use color or symbol themes

How to Make a Thematic Map using Thematic Mapping Software

This video provides step-by-step instructions for how to create attractive and informative theme maps.

Next Steps

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