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Caliper Corporation Maps Presidential Results by County for 2000 Election

NEWTON, MASSACHUSETTS - Visit and click the Elections 2000 link to view the latest presidential results by county. You can use the zoom and pan tools to move around the map, or click the "Find" link and enter an address, ZIP Code, or city and state to find a particular county. You can also use the Info tool to see the results for a specific county.

The color theme shows the margin of victory for each candidate, and the pie charts, visible when the map is zoomed in, show the breakdown of votes for the Democratic, Republican, Reform, and Green parties. The larger the pie chart, the more votes cast in that county. The data source is the Associated Press.

The Election 2000 web site is powered by Maptitude for the Web, an innovative software package for publishing interactive maps on the Internet from Caliper Corporation of Newton, Massachusetts. This is just one example of the type of web map authoring that is easy to do with Maptitude for the Web.

Maptitude for the Web ships with a set of Mapplications, and more can be downloaded from the program's web site. Mapplications are templates that make it easy to design interactive maps for your web site. With your map, an appropriate Mapplication, and property settings, you can create web pages to show customers where your stores are, to show citizens where government services are provided, to show students examples of good map design, and to create many other applications.

Caliper Corporation is a leading developer of desktop Geographic Information System products, including Maptitude GIS for Windows. First released in the Spring of 1995, Maptitude has revolutionized the desktop GIS marketplace by providing powerful software coupled with abundant geographic data at an affordable price. Maptitude for the Web extends the Caliper Corporation product line by making it easy to offer interactive maps on your web site that satisfy a wide variety of business-to-business and business-to-customer needs.

2000 Presidential Election Results