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Maptitude for Redistricting Software

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We're ready for 2010...Are you?

Maptitude for Redistricting software has defined the redistricting software market since its introduction in 1997. Designed with the help of redistricting professionals from many of the state legislatures and political parties, Maptitude for Redistricting works the way you work, has the features you’ve requested, is easy to learn and use, and is 100 percent reliable. No wonder it was used by a majority of the state legislatures during the 2000 redistricting cycle.

Maptitude for Redistricting User InterfaceWe have continued to improve Maptitude for Redistricting each year, and this new version represents a major leap into the next redistricting cycle with new features, the latest Census geography and data, one-button conversion of your existing plans to the latest TIGER geography, new and enhanced reports, an updated manual and context-sensitive Help, a state-of-the-art interface, open access to industry-standard file formats, interoperability with Google Maps and Google Earth, network options, web solutions, and more. Whether you are an existing client or new to Maptitude for Redistricting, you will thoroughly enjoy this new version of the software as you prepare for 2010.

Maptitude for Redistricting is a special edition of Caliper Corporation’s Maptitude Geographic Information System software. Maptitude is a full-featured GIS that has set new standards for performance and value. It provides a complete set of desktop mapping and spatial analysis functions, as well as nationwide geographic data sets including streets with address information, and states, counties, census tracts, and other census boundaries with over 600 demographic variables.

The Maptitude for Redistricting Plan Manager organizes plans on your computer or across a network. Create any number of plan types (e.g., congressional, state house, senate, school district), and save them as Plan Templates. To create a plan, simply choose a template or an existing plan and enter a new name. Organize plans in libraries by plan type, user, security access, etc. Locate, copy, change settings, and password-protect plans. Group similar plans into plan sets and define report sets for batch printing.

What our clients have to sayMaptitude for Redistricting includes all of the features and data in Maptitude plus everything you need to build and analyze redistricting plans. The custom menu system and redistricting toolbox let you:

  • Create a new plan from a map, a template, or an existing plan. You only have to enter the settings once. From then on, any user can create a new plan by picking the appropriate template or existing plan.
  • Import and merge plans created by Maptitude for Redistricting or other redistricting software. You can also automatically convert a plan based on a previous version of TIGER geography to a plan using the latest version of TIGER geography. There is no need to export the old plan to an equivalency file and then import the equivalency file into the new plan. This makes it very easy to update your old plans to the most recent and most detailed Census geography.
  • Designate the control field, number of districts, ideal value, and summary fields, and set other plan properties including plan type, creation date, password protection, and backup strategy.
  • Include some or all race categories and actual and estimated data in the same plan; one-button toggle between field sets lets you display only the data of interest.
  • Add areas to a target district using feature selection tools. Select by pointing, by dragging a circle, by lassoing, and by attribute values. Select features in any geographic layer, such as census block, voting district, county, town, or school district. Limit the selection to unassigned areas, one district, a selection set, or the entire jurisdiction. As you add areas to a district, the district boundaries are redrawn, and the control and summary fields are updated to reflect changes to the current plan.
  • Easily manage districts: rename districts, handle multi-member districts, assign both an ID and a long name to districts, lock districts, and mark them completed.
  • Display attributes for any layer using labels or color, pattern, dot-density, scaled-symbol or chart themes. Display summary information in a table that contains the district identifier, control field totals, deviation from the ideal value, and the totals and percentages for summary fields.
  • Capture the current status of a plan as a snapshot. Each plan can have one or more snapshots organized by date and time under the same plan name. Return to any snapshot, and use it as a departure point in the evolution of the plan or as the starting point for a new plan.
  • Identify communities of interest, keep them intact within the same district, and lock them so that they cannot accidentally be reassigned.
  • Compute measures of compactness to defend your districts.
  • Easily find unassigned areas and automatically assign them to the correct district
  • Zoom to non-contiguous portions of a district, and easily assign them to the correct district.
  • Print over 35 reports including population summary, error check, political subdivision splits, incumbents, plan statistics, plan components, plan comparison, communities of interest, and more. Create custom reports and add them to the report menu.
  • Export a plan to standard equivalency file formats that can be read by other redistricting software and the Department of Justice.
  • Automatically create layouts that display either a single district or the district and all adjoining districts, labeled with the district name, plan name, plan type, administrator, date created, and date last modified based on your settings. Create a map book containing layouts for any number of districts with a single mouse click.
  • Integrate your plans with Google Maps and Google Earth. Save your plans in the Google format (.KML or .KMZ) and add them to Google Maps or Google Earth. Use the built-in Google Earth toolbox to display Google Earth in Maptitude as part of your plan or display your plan in Google Earth.
  • Print a completed plan using page layouts that combine maps, data tables, and charts.

Works with Other GIS and Mapping Software

Maptitude supports over 50 file types and more than 100 GIS and CAD file formats allowing you to easily migrate your existing geographic data. You can map ESRI Shapefiles, Geodatabases, MapInfo TAB files, and Oracle Spatial tables directly, or use the built-in translators to import geographic data from a variety of other software packages and public sources. This extensive library of importers and exporters is one of the largest in the industry and comes at no additional charge. Export plans (geography and data) to these other formats for use with your existing software.

You can also use raster images such as satellite or aerial photographs directly in your maps. Maptitude includes toolboxes for quickly accessing on-line images from TerraServer-USA and Google Earth. These images can be used as a means of reference or in conjunction with the redistricting tools to draw your districts. 

Publish Your Plans on the Internet

Maptitude for Redistricting lets you save your plans (maps, data tables, charts, layouts, and reports) as JPEG, PNG, and HTML files for static Web publishing. Caliper Corporation’s Maptitude for the WebTM software makes it easy to publish your plans as interactive mapping applications on the Web. For example, a user can locate their address on the map, pan and zoom, query the district assignments, and display tables of data from their browser. Maptitude for Redistricting also lets you add your plans to Google Earth or Google Maps and add Google Earth images to your plans in Maptitude.

Maptitude Online Redistricting

Maptitude Online Redistricting is web-based redistricting software designed for states that want to provide individual citizens with a means to draw a redistricting plan and for state legislatures with members who wish to play a role in the redistricting process but who are not among the key players. Because the PC and online versions share common file formats, plans developed online can be electronically submitted to the central redistricting office, opened in the PC-based software, and analyzed to the full extent as if they had been created using the PC-based software.

Easy to Learn and Use

Maptitude for Redistricting includes on-line help and detailed manuals packed with step-by-step instructions and tutorials. The Plan Manager leads you through the process of creating your first plan and speeds the creation of all additional plans. Other wizards help you create maps, display data using meaningful themes, and geocode information based on street address. In addition, Caliper offers training at your site or at our headquarters in Newton, Massachusetts.

Complete Enterprise Solution

The Maptitude for Redistricting Plan Manager makes it easy to manage thousands of plans stored on a computer network. You can quickly find a plan by type, creator, date, key word etc. The Plan Manager lets you distribute plans for viewing and perform plan management functions across the enterprise. Data and plans can be stored on individual machines or on one central server with access controlled by both Maptitude for Redistricting and the network administration software.

Other Redistricting Services

Caliper provides database development, hands-on training, software customization, web design, telephone support, on-site support, priority support, and other related consulting services on a time and materials basis.


Please contact Tracy Horgan at 617-527-4700 or for pricing information. There are significant discounts for early adopters and for quantity purchases. Clients from the 2000 redistricting cycle pay just $500 per copy per year from the time their licenses expired to update their existing copies. You can download an order form or call Caliper at 617-527-4700 to place your order.

Includes a Data CD customized for your jurisdiction that contains all of the geographic layers from TIGER with PL94-171 population and race data attached:

System Requirements:

  • Personal Computer Running Windows XP, Vista, or 7
  • DVD-ROM drive
  • 128MB RAM
  • DDisk space varies by jurisdiction (200MB-1GB)

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