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TransCAD Objects

Only TransCAD provides completely integrated GIS and transportation analysis

Sample route system map created with TransCAD transportation planning software
Use route systems to display the paths taken by vehicles traveling from place to place.

Sample matrix
Create and manipulate matrices with travel times, origin-destination flows, tolls, fare structures, and other transportation specific applications.

Sample linear referenced map and strip chart created with TransCAD transportation planning software
Locate and analyze data by milepost value along a route and illustrate the data on the map or in a strip chart.

TransCAD extends the traditional GIS data model to include transportation data objects such as:

  • Transportation networks
  • Matrices
  • Routes and route systems
  • Linear-referenced data

These extensions make TransCAD the best data management and analysis tool for working with transportation data. You can use the GIS functions to prepare, visualize, analyze, and present your work, and use the application modules to solve routing, logistics, and other transportation problems with greater ease and efficiency than with any other product. Networks and matrices can be of virtually unlimited size.

Transportation Networks are specialized data structures that govern flow over a network. Networks are stored in a highly-efficient way, enabling TransCAD to solve routing problems very quickly. Networks can include detailed characteristics such as:

  • Turn delays or restrictions
  • Overpasses, underpasses, and one-way links
  • Intersection and junction attributes
  • Intermodal or interline terminals, transfer points, and delay functions
  • Zonal centroid connectors
  • Link classifications and performance functions
  • Transit access, egress, and walk transfer links

Matrices hold data such as distance, travel times, and origin-destination flows that are essential for many transportation applications. TransCAD provides functions for creating and manipulating matrices, and tools for spatial analysis and advanced visualization of matrix data. This combination lets you see and understand transportation flows and network characteristics in new and different ways.

Routes and Route Systems indicate paths taken by trucks, rail, cars, buses, or individuals traveling from place to place. TransCAD includes tools to create, display, edit, and manipulate routes, and unique display technology for mapping routes in a clear and compelling fashion. You can organize a set of related routes into a single route system layer, and include route attributes, stop locations, and vehicle schedules.
Linear Referencing identifies the location of transportation features as a distance from a fixed point along a route. TransCAD can display and analyze these data sets without conversion, and includes dynamic segmentation functions to merge and analyze multiple linear-referenced data sets. This makes TransCAD a natural choice for the following types of information:

  • Facility infrastructure and operations data
  • Accident locations
  • Pavement or rail condition ratings
  • Traffic flows and transit ridership data
  • Facility alignments
  • Capital project data