Maptitude Video Tutorials

Using Maptitude in Conjunction with Microsoft Excel

This video covers the many ways that you can use Excel with Maptitude. See below for a breakdown of the topics covered.  | 16:02 minutes

00:00 - 01:40: Showing your Excel data attached to postal codes
01:40 - 04:20: Geocoding your Excel data to point locations on a Maptitude map
04:20 - 05:58: Using the drawing tools to export features to an Excel spreadsheet
05:58 - 08:00: Exporting a dataview with analysis results to an Excel spreadsheet
08:00 - 10-58: Exporting drive-time ring reports to an Excel spreadsheet
10:58 - 12:10: Exporting driving directions to an Excel spreadsheet
12:10 - 16:02: Joining your Excel worksheet file directly to a map layer