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Maptitude Online Redistricting Technical Specifications, Requirements and Licensing Information 876
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Maptitude for Redistricting Hardware Recommendations 448
What Method is used in the Ensemble Analysis? 290
Redistricting Desktop vs. Maptitude for Online Redistricting Feature By Feature 282
How Do I Export a Plan to an Equivalency File? 271
Best Practices 237
Glossary of Redistricting Terms 231
How can I create a theme that shows the predominant race/ethnicity in each feature? 226
How do I create a plan with current political districts? 221
What Geography is Included with Maptitude for Redistricting? 208
Adding or Removing Districts from A Redistricting Plan 203
How Can I Change My Redistricting Tools to Select Features That Are Touching? 202
How can I make my own geography appear in a hierarchy? 190
How Do I Incorporate Block Level Data into Other Layers? 185
How Do I Backup or Restore a Plan? 165
What Fields Are Included in the 2010 Data? 153
How Do I Restrict My Redistricting to a Subset of a Geographic Area? 144
How to Use Incumbent Information in a Plan 143
What Files are Created with A Redistricting Plan 121
How do I compare election and voter registration data from different elections where VTD boundaries have changed? 119
How do I use Communities of Interest? 118
How do I automatically map incumbents using the locate tools? 117
Redistricting Desktop vs. Maptitude for Online Redistricting 113
How can I label the borders of my districts with features, names of Streets, etc? 110
Can I publish redistricting plans and other maps and data on the Internet or my intranet? 109
How do I use a Subset of Geography in a Redistricting Plan? 109
How do I compare election and voter registration data from different elections? 107
How Do Create New Labels for Precincts in My Map? 99
How are Prisoners Addressed in 2020 Redistricting Data? 94
Filtering and Sorting Plans 88
What are Group Quarters? 88
What If I Don’t See An Article For My Problem? 86
How Can I Use My Own Layer to Select Features While Redistricting? 85
Entering and Changing Redistricting Plan Settings 85
How can I use a Communities of Interest layer with my plan? 84
Can I shade my districts so they stand out on my map? 81
How Do I Get Updated Voting District Boundaries? 81
How Do I Create a New Plan Based on Previous Geography? 81
Can multiple users share the same geographic file over a network? 80
Where is My District Layer Stored? 74
Using Field Sets 74
How Can I Move My Pending Changes Toolbox if the Title Bar is Off Screen? 71
How do I customize the style for layers that are using Feature Display? 70
How do I include the Districts layer in one plan as a reference layer in another plan? 67
How Do I Create a New Template Based on a Previous Template? 61
How Can I Determine the Total Miles of Roadway in a District? 58
What is Differential Privacy? 57
Where do I find an example of Maptitude for Online Redistricting (MORe)? 53
Should I Save a Map or Workspace for My Plan? 52
How do I find or restore lost windows and toolboxes? 52
Create a Template from a Plan 51
Can I Open a Plan of Enacted Districts? 49
Create a Template from a Plan Backup 47
How can I create a list of features that have not been assigned in my plan? 46
Can I use a dummy variable for the control field if I don’t care about control field values? 43
How Can Members of the Public Contribute in the Redistricting Process? 43
Can I create redistricting plans on the Internet or my intranet? 42
How do I Lock One or More Columns in Place? 38
Can I have null values in the control field? 37
How do I merge subplans? 37
What Is Redistricting? 37
What Reports Can Be Restricted to a Subset of Features? 32