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How can I add a range of ZIP Codes to a territory?

In addition to creating territories by manually selecting the areas to add in the map, you can use the Select by Condition tool in the Territory Manager to add areas that satisfy a certain condition. This can be very useful when selecting areas that are grouped together in ranges. In this tech tip we describe how to create a Territory from a range of ZIP Codes. If you already have a territory map that you wish to add to, skip to Step 5.

The following steps outline how to create a Territory from a range of ZIP Codes:
  1. From the Home Window, choose New map of my territory data/table.Click OK.
  2. Choose Interactively from areas in a map and click Next>
  3. For Geography layer, choose 5-Digit ZIP Code and for Geography Field choose
  4. Add any tracking fields you wish.
  5. In the Territory Manager, click Select by Condition 
  6. In the Enter a Condition box, type: ZIP between 02100 and 02210
  7. The ZIP Codes in the given range will be highlighted. If you are happy with the selection click Save Territory Changes  to add them to a new territory. If you would like to try a different range, click Cancel Territory Changes  and repeat steps 5-6 with a different range.