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How Can I Build Territories out of my Canadian Postcode Layer?

Sometimes, you may wish to create territories from the Canadian postcode layer. This can be an issue since the postcode layer is a point layer so cannot be grouped together to form a full area layer of territories.

This article goes over the process of converting the postcodes into areas using the Straight Line Influence Areas tool, where the area assigned to each postcode is the section of the map that is closest to that postcode. You can now create the territories from this layer and export them.
The steps in this article will use the Territory Manager to build the territories from scratch, but it is a very similar process to create the territories from a table after having made the Postcode Areas layer.

  1. Create or open a map of Canada that you wish to build territories in.
  2. Right click on the Postal Point layer in the Display Manager and choose Make Working Layer.
  3. Choose Tools > Analysis > Straight Line Influence Areas.
  4. From the Area Names From drop-down menu, choose Postal.
  5. Click OK (Note that this process may take a while). Maptitude will create an area layer from the postcode points.
  6. Now that you have the area layer, zoom in on the map to wherever you would like to create territories.
  7. In the Display Manager, click on the green rectangle next to the Area of Influence layer.
  8. Change the Border Width to Hairline and click OK.
  9. Now, right click on the Area of Influence layer and choose Rename.
  10. Rename the layer to Postcode Areas and click OK.
  11. Now, choose Map > New Territory Layer.
  12. Click on the Interactively from areas in a map radio button and choose Next.
  13. From the Geography Layer dropdown, choose Postcode Areas.
  14. For the Geography Field, choose Postal, then click Next.
  15. Click Finish.

Now, you can use the territory manager to create territories on the Postcode Areas layer that you created. You can use any of the Select By tools to add area to a territory, then click the check mark to confirm the area additions.
At any time, you can export the territory list by right-clicking any of the territories in the Territory Manager and choosing Export Territory List. See Using the Maptitude Territory Wizard and Working with Territories in Maptitude for more information on building and managing territories