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How Can I Build Territories using 6-digit Canadian Postcodes?

If you are using the Canadian country package, you may wish to create territories using 6-digit Canadian postcode layer. The following steps will use the Territory Manager to build the territories from scratch.

  1. Create or open a map of Canada that you wish to build territories in.
  2. Choose Map>New Territory Layer.
  3. Click on the Interactively from areas in a map radio button and choose Next.
  4. From the Geography Layer dropdown, choose Postcode Area.
  5. For the Geography Field, choose Postal, then click Next.
  6. Click Finish.

You can now use the territory manager to create territories on the 6-digit Postcode Areas layer. Use any of the Select By tools to add area to a territory, then click to confirm the area additions. At any time, you can export the territory list by right-clicking any of the territories in the Territory Manager and choosing Export Territory List.
Note: If you don't see the 6 digit postcode layer you can toggle it on in the display manager

See Using the Maptitude Territory Wizard and Working with Territories in Maptitude for more information on building and managing territories.