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How do I find all the ZIP codes (including point ZIP Codes) inside my territories and which territory they’re in?

**Note: If you just need the list of ZIP codes and points within any of your territories, see the following article

These steps will guide you through the process of exporting all of the ZIP codes (point and area ZIP codes) for your territories.  There are three tasks that need to be completed for this:  Make a copy of the 5 Digit ZIP code points layer, tag with your Territories, and then export using the tools in the Territory Manager.

Task 1 - Create a copy of the ZIP code point layer

Included with Maptitude is a ZIP code point layer that provides all of the ZIP codes for the US. We advise making a copy of this file first so that the original data remains intact.

  1. Open or create a map that contains your Territories in it.
  2. Go to Tools > Editing > Layer Manager.  This will open the Layer Manager dialog box.
  3. Make sure that the 5-Digit ZIP Point layer is chosen in the Layer drop-down and choose Copy from the choices on the right. You will be prompted to save a file.  Make sure you pick a location where you can permanently keep your new layer and someplace you can remember. Additionally make sure you pick a location that you have write access for, as Step 2 will fail if the folder is read-only.
  4. Now you will need to remove the ZIP code point layer from the map and add this copy. Go to Map>Layers. Highlight the 5 Digit ZIP Point layer and choose Drop Layer from the choices on the right.  Now choose Add Layer and find the copy that was created in the previous step. Click Close. This will add the copy as a new layer to the Map.

Task 2 - Tag the ZIP Codes with the Territory

These steps will “tag” the ZIP Code points using the name of the Territory that each ZIP Code is in.

  1. Make sure that the 5 Digit ZIP Point layer is the working layer (right-click the layer name and choose Make working layer).
  2. Go to Tools > Analysis > Tag Points by area and set up the dialog as below.
    1. For Tag Points in choose All Features.
    2. For Layer choose Territories (or whatever your territory layer is called)
    3. For Using Areas in use All Features
    4. For Tag With choose Territory.
  3. Click OK.  This has added a new field to the 5 Digit ZIP Point layer that includes your Territory name.

Task 3 - Export using the Territory Manager

Using the Territory Manager this will export the list of ZIP Codes from the 5-Digit ZIP Point layer, which includes a city name, and the name of the Territory if you did Step 2.

  1. It is a good idea to turn off the City/Town layer so that it is not included in the export, but this is your choice. If you would like to turn it off just click on the on/off symbol  to the left of the layer name.  This is not necessary but might be helpful.
  2. From the Territory Manager, highlight your entire list of Territories.
  3. Right Click on one of the highlighted Territories and choose Export Territories to Excel.
  4. The resulting Excel file will include a tab/sheet called 5 Digit ZIP Point that includes a column called Name. This should give you a good idea of the towns and cities in your territory.  This will also include a column called Territories: Territory that includes the name of your territories.