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How do I find the average household expenditure in a radius?

A common use for the Consumer Expenditure Data involves finding the amount spent on a product for a given area. This tech tip explains how to create a temporary radius buffer and get household expenditure data for the encircled area.

The following steps outline how to get household expenditure data in a radius:

  1. Open a map that contains the Consumer Expenditure layer and zoom or pan to the area of interest.
  2. Choose Tools>Analysis>Buffers Toolbar.
  3. Click , then click on the map at the center of the location that you want to study.
  4. Click , then click No when prompted to save the point to a layer.
  5. Enter one or more radii in the Sizes box (For example, enter 3, 5, 7 to create buffers of 3, 5, and 7 miles)
  6. Check the Calculate Demographics and Cumulative Buffers boxes, and click .
  7. Choose Consumer Expenditure from the With Layer drop-down and click OK.
  8. Click OK to create the buffers.

Maptitude creates buffers around the location of choice and calculates the annual average household expenditure for a variety of items. A Dataview containing purchasing data for the area will be displayed. This Dataview can be searched for a specific expense using the following steps:

  1. With the Dataview as the active window, click .
  2. Click on the Field drop-down and type a portion of the name of the field that you would like to examine (for example, type Property to filter the fields and find the [Avg Property Taxes] field), and click OK.

The dataview will zoom to the field you selected and you can view the average household expenditure in your desired category for the different buffers you created.