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How do I include more fields in the description of my origins and destinations in the Distance and Travel-time tables?

The Distance and Travel Time tables dialog only allows users to have one field for the "Name" in the Excel output. Follow these steps to include more than one field in the output table from the Distance and Travel Time Tables. 

This tip assumes that you know how to use the Distance and Travel Times Table tool in Maptitude. For more general information, please see this tutorial.

Create a Multiple Field label for both your origin and destination locations 

  1. Click on the label icon for the layer that contains your origin locations
  2. In the field drop-down, choose “Multiple Fields”
  3. Select the fields that you would like to include when creating the table
  4. Check the box for “Do Not Display on the Map”
  5. Click OK to close the Label dialog box
  6. Repeat these steps for the destination locations

Create your distance and travel-time tables

  1. Go to Tools > Routing & Directions > Distance and travel-time tables
  2. Choose the Layer(s) for your Origins and Destinations
  3. In the Name box for each, choose Multiple Fields Label
  4. Adjust the other options according to your needs and click OK

Table Output

  1. The resulting table will include the values for your Multiple field label in one column
  2. The values are separated by a “pipe” (this character on your keyboard, above the enter key: | ) and can be separated back to new columns by using “Text to Columns” in Excel.