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How do I create territories from postcodes for the Western Europe country package?

The slight wrinkle when using the postcode layer for Western Europe to create Territories is that Postcodes are repeated throughout countries. This article goes over creating a Unique ZIP field to use as the geography field for Western Europe Territories.

Step 1: Creating the Unique ZIP field
The format you use for the Unique ZIP field is up to you - you just need to make sure you follow the same format in your territory table if you are creating territories from a table. In this example we will be using:


e.g. “HD9 1|GBR” or “0148|BEL”

  1. From the Home Window choose New Map of Europe and click OK.
  2. Right click on EU Postal Area and select New Dataview
  3. Go to Dataview>Table>Modify
  4. Click Add Field
  5. Call this field Unique ZIP and change the type to Character and the width to 20.
  6. Click OK
  7. Right click on the column heading for Unique ZIP and choose Fill
  8. Select Formula and enter the formula of your choice. For our example, the formula will be “Postcode +”|”+Country”
  9. Click OK
Step 2: Creating the Territories from a Territory Table
If you want to build the territories from scratch, follow these steps but choose “Interactively from areas in a map” instead of “From my territory Table”
To create territories from a table you will need a table that has two fields, one with the name of the territory and one with the name of the postcode in the unique format we created above.
  1. Go to Map>New Territory Layer
  2. Choose From my territory table and select the file that contains the territory assignments
  3. Set up the next page as follows
  4. Click Next>
  5. Add Tracking Fields as needed
  6. Click Finish