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Is the 2020 census data included with Maptitude 2022?

Each annual Maptitude release includes updates to most of the included USA demographics. These updates are based on the American Community Survey (ACS) data, which is an annual survey conducted by the US Census Bureau. The most current data is included with Maptitude 2022 from the annual ACS and the 2020 Census.

The Census Bureau 2020 data released so far is included with Maptitude 2022, and is listed here under the Demographics tab: .

However, the release by the Census Bureau of the new Demographic and Housing Characteristics File (DHC) is scheduled for some time in 2023. This file will include demographic and housing characteristics down to the Census Block level. This file replaces the old Summary File 1 from the Census Bureau. This file will no longer include tables that have counts by detailed race, Hispanic origin, tribes, and population by household/family types. This is due to the challenges the Census Bureau faced around privacy. The Census Bureau are looking into providing these tables in the future.

Below is the current Census Bureau release schedule for 2020 Decennial Census data:

  • Data Already released:
    • Census Geographies (February 12, 2021)
    • Apportionment Product (April 30, 2021)
    • Redistricting File Legacy Format (August 12, 2021)
    • Redistricting File (September 16, 2021)
    • 2016-2020 ACS 5-Year Data Products using Census 2020 geography (March, 2022)
  • Upcoming:
    • Demographic and Housing Characteristics File (2023)