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What do I do if a map takes a long time to load?

In Maptitude, whenever you move your map scope or zoom in/out, the program redraws all of the layers in your map window. This is usually very quick, but sometimes if you have too much (or too detailed) information in your map you may have noticed that your map is taking a while to redraw, making it difficult to do anything in the program. This article will offer some suggestions for dealing with the issue.

  • You can click on the Maptitude status bar or hit the “esc” button on your keyboard to stop Maptitude from drawing, which will allow you to immediately interact with the program.
  • Once the map has stopped drawing, in the Display Manager on the left, right click on the layer that is taking a long time to draw and choose Restore Show/Hide.
  • If you have other layers with too much information that are clearly taking a while to redraw, like a satellite layer, turn the layer(s) off while moving around your map.