Census Tracts with Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA) Aggregate Data

Nationwide Census Tract area database with aggregated HMDA LAR raw data for a single year (available for any single year since 1990).

Available File Formats:

The tract HMDA data are available in Caliper geographic file formats for use with Maptitude and TransCAD and in other GIS formats. To learn more or to order, please contact a Caliper data expert today by emailing sales@caliper.com or by calling us at +1 617-527-4700

Price: $495 (per year)

Data Fields Included:

Tract Number
Number of Loan Applications
Gross Annual Income
Average Gross Annual Income
Loan Amount
Originated Loan Amount
Average Loan Amount and number of loan applications for each code for Applicant Ethnicity
Co-Applicant Ethnicity
Applicant Race (5 fields)
Co-Applicant Race (5 fields)
Applicant Sex
Co-Applicant Sex
Purchase Type
Property Type
Agency Code
Edit Status
Loan Type
Action Type
Purchaser Type
Denial Reason(s)
HOEPA Status
Lien Status

HMDA data map created with Maptitude GIS Banking Software

HMDA data aggregated to Census tracts to show average loan amount, number of loans originated, and number of loans denied.