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Maptitude Online is a stand-alone mapping application with a basic subset of the features of desktop Maptitude. Maptitude Online can be used to map and share data even without desktop Maptitude. When used with a desktop Maptitude license, any map can be uploaded and shared with people who don't have the software.

Logging In To Maptitude Online

  1. In your web browser, enter {your serial number}.caliper.com in the address bar.
  2. Enter your email address and password.
  3. Click LOG IN.

Using Maptitude Online Maps

The Maps tab shows cards for all of the maps that are either owned by you or shared with you. Maptitude Online has tools for organizing, viewing, creating, and publishing maps.

Maptitude Online Maps Dashboard

Organizing Maptitude Online Maps

Filtering the Map Cards

  1. Filter the maps as follows:
To do this... Do this...
Search for a particular map Type part of the map name in the Search box. Only cards for maps that contain the text you enter will be displayed.
View maps created by a particular author Type part of the author name in the Search box. Only cards for maps created by that author will be displayed.
View maps by date Enter a year (e.g., 2020), a month/day (e.g., 10/31), or a complete date (e.g., 10/31/2020).
View maps created by you Choose Owned by me from the Filter by list.
View maps shared with you Choose Shared with me from the Filter by list.

Sorting the Map Cards

Sort the maps by date or name by choosing an option from the Sort by list.


TIP: You can pin one or more map cards so that they always appear before any other map card. Click ... on the card and choose Pin to pin the card to the beginning of the list of cards or choose Unpin to unpin the card and sort it with the rest of the cards.

Renaming a Map Card

  1. Click ... on the map card and choose Rename.
  2. Enter a name in the edit box and click Rename.

Sharing a Map

  1. Click ... on the map card and choose Share or click Share on the map card.
  2. Choose whether to share with an individual user or a team of users as follows:
    To do this... Do this...
    Share with one or more users Click the Share with Users tab, search for a user by name or email by typing a few characters in the search box and choosing a user from the filtered list, and use the search box to add any additional users.
    Share with a team Click the Share with a Team tab and choose a team from the list.
  3. Click +Add a message to add a description about the map that you are sharing.
  4. Click Share.
  5. Click Done when you are finished.

TIP: After you share a map, you can click Share again to see who it is shared with or to stop sharing. If a map is shared with you, you can click Users this map is shared with button to see a list of the other users with whom the map is shared or you can click Contact Owner button to send an email to the map creator. 

Deleting a Map

  1. Click ... on the map card and choose Delete.
  2. Click Delete to confirm.

Viewing Maptitude Online Maps

You open a Maptitude Online map by clicking on the map card.

When you open a map, it will contain the following components:

1 A Toolbar that contains tools for finding a location, displaying data in tabular form, displaying reports, and sharing and managing the map.
2 A Legend that displays information about the map and lets you control what is displayed on the map
3 A tool to enter Full Screen mode (Press the Esc key to exit full screen mode).
4 Navigation tools for zooming in and out and resetting the bearing.
Maptitude Online Map

Changing the Map Scale and Location

  1. You can change the map scale, location, and bearing using the Navigation tools and Search tool as follows:
    To do this... Do this...
    Zoom in Click the + Navigation tool or scroll your mouse wheel away from you. If you are using a phone or tablet, double-tap or pinch-zoom-in.
    Zoom out Click the Navigation tool or scroll your mouse wheel toward you. If you are using a phone or tablet, pinch-zoom-out.
    Zoom to a location Click Search on the Toolbar. Enter an address, city and state abbreviation, postal code, or state name or abbreviation and click Search. The map will zoom to the address, city, postal code, or state that you entered.
    Pan a map Click and drag on the map. Release the mouse button to stop panning the map. If you are using a phone or tablet, touch and drag.
    Rotate a map Right-click and drag on the map to rotate the map and change the viewing angle. Release the right mouse button to stop changing the bearings. The triangles on the Reset Bearing to North button will indicate the bearing of the map. Click the button to reset the map bearing so that North is up and the viewing angle is directly overhead.

TIP: You can use the legend to set the scale of a map to show all of the features in a layer.

Displaying the Legend and Controlling the Map Layers

  1. If the legend is collapsed, click Legendto expand it. The About tab shows information about the map.
  2. Click the Layers tab.
  3. Click + to expand portions of the legend. The layers in the map are listed and information about any themes is displayed.
    Maptitude Online Layers Legend
    You can make changes to the map as follows:
    To do this... Do this...
    Hide a layer, label, or theme Uncheck the box next to the item you want to hide.
    Show a layer, label, or theme Check the box next to the item you want to show.
    Change the map scale so that all features in a layer are visible Click .
    Change the basemap background From the drop-down list at the top of the Background section, choose USGS Aerial Imagery to display satellite imagery as the background or choose USA Basemap to display the standard map background.
  4. Click if you want to collapse the legend and see more of the map.

Managing a Map

  1. You can rename, share, save an image of, or delete a map by clicking ... on the toolbar and making choices as follows:
    Choose this... To do this...
    Rename Display the rename dialog box where you can enter a new name and click Rename.
    Share To share the map with other users or teams. See steps 2-5 of Sharing a Map for more information.
    Export image Download a PNG file format image of the map.
    Delete To delete the map from Maptitude Online.

TIP: You can also share a map by clicking Share on the toolbar.

Displaying Information About Individual Features on a Map

  1. Click on a feature on the map (or tap if you are using a phone or tablet). A pop-up window will display information for any features near where you clicked. If features are in more than one layer, the use the tabs at the top to choose the appropriate layer.
    Maptitude Online Info pop-up
  2. Click the X button in the top-right corner to close the pop-up window.

Displaying Tabular Data for a Map Layer

  1. Click Dataview on the toolbar and choose the layer you want to see from the drop-down list. Maptitude Online displays data for the chosen layer in a tabular dataview:
    Maptitude Online dataview
  2. Make choices about how to display the data as follows:
    To do this... Do this...
    Sort the records Click a field heading to sort the records in increasing order based on the values for that field. Click the Field heading again to sort the records in decreasing order. An up or down arrow will display in the field heading indicating how the records are sorted.
    Change the number of records on a page Click 10, 20, 30, 40, or 50 on the lower left to display the respective number of rows.
    Jump to a different page Click < or > or click one of the page links on the lower right.
  3. To display a subset of the records you can filter fields based on values. There are two ways to filter a dataview:

    1) Click below the field that you want to filter, choose an operator, and enter a value. For example, click below the field SALES, choose Greater than or equal to, and type 2000 to limit the dataview to customers whose sales are at least $2,000.

    2) Click Filter by Query to display the Filter Builder.
    • Click + and choose Add Condition.
    • Click on the first drop-down and choose a field to use, click no the second drop-down and choose an operator, and enter a value. Click + and add any additional conditions or groups. For example, this filter:
      Maptitude Online Filter Builder
      would limit the dataview to customers in NEEDHAM or NEEDHAM HEIGHTS whose sales are at least $2,000.
    • Click OK. The dataview will filter the records for those that meet the condition that you created.
    The Filter by Query button will be replaced with the filter condition:

    Maptitude Online Filtered Dataview

    Uncheck the box to display all features. Check it to display the filtered features. Click Clear to delete the filter.
  4. To download the features in the dataview to an Excel file, click Download.
  5. To return to the map when you are done, do either of the following:
    To do this... Do this...
    Go back to the previous map Click Map on the toolbar.
    Display the map zoomed to a particular record Double-click on a record in the dataview. Maptitude Online displays the map zoomed in and centered on the feature that you chose.

Displaying Reports

If any PDF reports were uploaded with the map, the Reports menu will be enabled.

  1. Click Reports and choose a report from the menu. A PDF viewer displays the report.
  2. Scroll through the report, or use the download or print buttons. Close the PDF viewer when you are done.

Creating Maptitude Online Maps

Maptitude Online allows you to create simple maps from tables of data that will be added to your map cards on the Maps tab. On the Create Map tab you can upload an Excel or CSV file or fill in your data manually.

Maptitude Online Maps Dashboard

Creating a Map

  1. Click Choose File and browse for an Excel or CSV file that contains the data to be mapped, or enter address information and/or longitude and latitude information in the spreadsheet and add any additional fields of data.
  2. If you uploaded an Excel file that contains more than one worksheet, choose the sheet that contains the data to be mapped.
  3. Click Create Map and follow the Create-a-Map Wizard prompts to specify the type of map, theme, and analysis to perform and to name the map.
  4. Click Finish.

Maptitude Online creates the map, switches to the Maps tab, and adds the map as a new card that you can now view.

Publishing Maps with Maptitude Online

Maptitude Online allows you to publish your maps, but users do not have to log in to access and view them. Maptitude Online makes it easy to openly share your story maps, site locations, territories, or any other information that you have mapped.

To Publish Maps

  1. Click ... on the map card and choose Publish or open a map and click ... on the toolbar and choose Publish.
  2. Copy the URL of the published map for sharing.

To Customize Your Published Maps

You can display a custom title and logo image at the top of your published maps.

  1. Click the Account tab (administrative users only) and expand the Custom branding for published maps section.
  2. Make changes as follows:
    Option How to Use It
    Custom Site Title Enter a title that you want to appear at the top of your published map
    Custom Logo URL Enter the URL for a logo that you want to appear at the top of your published map
    Logo Settings Choose whether to show the custom logo and title or just the logo
    Link the Logo Enter a URL that should open if the logo is clicked
  3. Click Save Settings.

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Managing Users and Teams

There are two levels of Maptitude Online users: Basic users and Administrative users. Administrative users have the ability to add and remove users and create and manage teams. Basic users can see to which teams they belong and what other users are part of that team.

Managing Users (Administrative Users Only)

Administrative users can add and manage user accounts on the Users tab.

Maptitude Online Users Dashboard

To Add Users

  1. Click Add a User to display the Add User dialog box.
  2. Enter a user name in the Name box.
  3. Enter the user's email address in the Email box.
  4. Click Create.

NOTE: You can add users up to the maximum for which you are licensed. Click Account to see your account details including the maximum number of users. 


To Manage Users

  1. Click the user's name or click Edit Edit.
  2. Make changes to the user as follows:
    Maptitude Online Users Update
    To do this... Do this...
    Rename the user Edit the name in the Name box.
    Block a user Check the Is Blocked box.
    Unblock a user Remove the check from the Is Blocked box.
    Make a basic user an administrator Check the Is Administrator box.
    Make an administrator a basic user Remove the check from the Is Administrator box.
    Send a reset password email Click the Send password reset email link 
  3. Click Update this user.

Managing Teams

Both Administrative and Basic users can use the Teams tab to see a list of teams to which they belong. Click a team name to see all of the members of that team.

Maptitude Online Teams Dashboard

In addition, Administrative users can use the Teams tab to create and manage teams.

Maptitude Online Teams Admin Dashboard

To Add New Teams

  1. Click New Team.
    Maptitude Online New Team
  2. Enter a name for the new team in the Team name box. You also have the option to click Add a description and enter a description of the team in the Team Description box.
  3. Click Add members and then click Add Member button next to each user to include in the team.
  4. Click Create this team.

To Manage Teams

  1. Click Edit Edit next to the team that you want to modify.
  2. If you chose to edit the team, make changes as follows:
    To do this... Do this...
    Change the name or description Edit the text in the name and/or description boxes
    Remove a user Click the name of the user you want to remove from the team or click Add members and uncheck the users you want to remove
    Add a user Click Add members and then click Add Member button next to each user to add to the team
  3.  Click Update this team.

To Delete a Team

  1. Click Delete button Delete next to the team that you want to delete.
  2. Click Yes to confirm.

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Account and Settings

The Account tab (Administrative Users Only) is where you can see what account limits you have regarding number of users, storage, and map usage in your account and how much you have used.

Maptitude Online Account Dashboard

In addition, the User Settings Menu is located at the top right-hand corner of the screen in a drop-down under your user name icon. The menu contains the following items:

Menu What it does...
Settings Allows you to toggle email notifications off and on, edit your name and password, and see your account ID and login email
Terms of Service Displays Maptitude Online terms of service
Log out Ends your Maptitude Online session

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