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Maptitude 2022
Desktop and Online. The one-stop mapping platform.

The best mapping ecosystem for analyzing, sharing, and visualizing your location intelligence

Maptitude 2022 has new premium data, enhanced online mapping, and new analysis tools.

Raymond Kwock

“Amazing product at a great value with even better customer service! The benefits have been providing invaluable insight to upper management regarding what kinds of opportunities are out there and consequently, giving the company a chance to grow via acquisitions. Moreover, the additional features within Maptitude allow you to identify new areas of growth or new markets to enter given the plethora of demographic data it has embedded within the software.”

Raymond Kwock
Senior Financial Analyst, AutoNation
Fortune 500 Company

Kevin Wozniak

“Fantastic product which facilitates breakthrough ideas for their clients; and [the Maptitude] team provide white glove service to ensure that their customers can extract the full value of the Maptitude product!”

Kevin Wozniak
Global Finance Director, PPG Industries
Fortune 500 Company

New Data

New USA data provide access to the most up-to-date geographic information available. Maptitude 2022 users will have access to completely new business-critical data such as the 2020 Census and American Community Survey (ACS) demographics and boundaries (e.g., tracts, counties, and states). The free premium data will also be updated for Maptitude 2022 customers.

Maptitude 2022 ships with the January 2022 ZIP Code boundaries, ensuring that you are using the latest nationwide postal data.

The 2022 U.S.AustraliaBrazilCanadaMexicoNew Zealand, and United Kingdom & Ireland country packages all include updated streets that allow for accurate address locating and street visualization, directions, drive-time rings, and drive-time territories.

New Purchase Options

Subscription options for Maptitude Online and desktop Maptitude, in addition to the existing one-off pricing with optional upgrades, allow you to choose a purchase plan that best suits the needs of your organization when you need to ensure that you:

  • have the latest version
  • are covered by technical support
  • have access to free premium datasets
  • have access to free add-ins
  • have already secured payment approval for annual fees
Free data layers available to Maptitude 2022 users

Free premium layers available to Maptitude 2022 users

Online Analysis, Sharing, and Publishing

Maptitude 2022 allows you to upload, share, and manage your analytics and maps online. Analysts can easily distribute their findings and results to those that need them within an organization and beyond. You can manage user permissions and choose which Maptitude Online maps you would like to make public and whether to include your company name, logo, and website URL.

Whether you are sharing your routes or fleet models to your sales reps and drivers, or displaying revenue and sales numbers by territory for management, Maptitude Online has the tools to perform these tasks efficiently and effectively. Simple upload tools in desktop Maptitude securely transfer the data to the Maptitude Online platform to be displayed over map backgrounds for the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland, and New Zealand. You can also use Maptitude Online without the desktop version, directly mapping your Excel data for the USA through a web-browser.

Create and share Maptitude maps with a Maptitude Online subscription

Upload maps from desktop Maptitude or map your data directly in Maptitude Online using a web browser

Powerful Data Analysis and Visualization

Maptitude 2022 is our most powerful version yet, with sophisticated automated territory creations tools, a multiple vehicle routing and reporting Wizard, more flexible customized color theme visualizations, and quicker trip routing tools.

Maptitude 2022 has enhanced one of the best features of Microsoft MapPoint, the territory tool, by: automating territory creation allowing you to simulate thousands of possible territory plans to find the most compact and well balanced ones; by automatically drawing circles around your sites until they encompass totals defined on-the-fly; and by being able to build unlimited numbers of balanced territories.

A powerful addition to the logistics and operations tools is the Routing Deliveries and Pickups Wizard that optimizes your vehicle fleets and provides a variety of reporting and management options that include Excel and PDF output and tools to reassign stops to different vehicles.

To reflect the growing needs of analysts and data scientists, we provide many new ways to visualize and understand data. These include allowing customers and stores to be in the same layer when identifying the nearest facility, assigning prospects to the nearest territory when they are not within a sales area, calculating how far prospects are from market area boundaries to explore competition and reach, and measuring equitable access to services in 2D and 3D.

Maptitude 2022 market share map

Maptitude supports a wide array of analysis and visualization tools including those for fleet management

New Features in Maptitude 2022

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