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Maptitude Mapping Software

Maptitude 2024
Mapping that Meets Your Needs.

Unbeatable value for sales territory management, data mapping, demographics, radius maps, unlimited geocoding, report creation, routing, heat/thematic maps, market analysis, site selection, and more

Maptitude 2024 has up-to-date premium data, enhanced online mapping, and new territory and routing tools.

Powerful Data Analysis and Visualization

Maptitude 2024 is our most powerful version yet, with sophisticated sales territory and vehicle routing enhancements.

Maptitude 2024 provides complete support for hierarchical sales territories, such as levels for territories-districts-regions, with any number of levels in the hierarchy, with full undo and redo, whether with overlapping or non-overlapping territories. Each level in the hierarchy can be shared with others via Maptitude Online. Maptitude can now help businesses better optimize hierarchical sales territories for visualizing sales data, balancing workloads, optimizing routes, tracking performance, sharing maps, complying with regulations, and making informed decisions about sales force expansion.

Maptitude map of two-level territory hierarchy

This two-level territory hierarchy contains regions that are made from groups of territories

Esat Angun

“We use Maptitude extensively for running complex Territory Alignment scenarios. The depth of the product, its total utility and functionality is immense. Import-Export capability with Excel is seamless. It is easy to work with and Maptitude support is second to none. My complements to the Maptitude team: They have created a solid product and it is one of the best software investments we have made as an organization.”

Esat Angun
Director - Sales Operations, Octapharma, USA

Sean Young

“Maptitude just works! We now build our franchise territories with ease. Our organization has benefited from our ability to strategically plan out prospective territories, gauge market penetration of our active franchise territories, and begin to identify what our top performing territories have in common.”

Sean Young
Director of Technology and Communications, The Glass Guru

The powerful logistics and operations tool, the Routing Deliveries and Pickups Wizard, has been greatly improved. You can now balance routes on “cost”, in dollars per mile and/or dollars per hour for breaks and/or wait times. In addition, you can specify the maximum weight capacities for vehicles and the weight of the goods transported. These enhancements allow for more realistic and actionable models of your vehicle fleets, helping businesses optimize fuel consumption, labor costs, and vehicle utilization. This leads to significant savings and improved operational efficiency.

Maptitude map of balanced delivery routes from two depots to multiple customers

Create balanced delivery routes based on time, distance, load, weight, or number of stops

Support for online geospatial web services allows you to compare your routes with those calculated by Google, HERE, and Bing, and to geocode your locations using these services plus what3words. Now you can benchmark your routes to identify potential improvements in efficiency and cost savings, or resolve ambiguous or incomplete addresses, ensuring that locations are accurately identified and mapped.

Python scripts can now be run in-process using the COM API on the Python side, and you can set up your preferred Python distribution and environment directly within Maptitude, e.g., Anaconda base. Integrating the Maptitude GISDK with Python helps streamline development workflows for improved productivity. This allows businesses to gain deeper insights from their geospatial data, analyze and visualize data more efficiently, and leverage Python’s powerful scripting capabilities.

New Data

New USA data provide access to the most up-to-date geographic information available. Maptitude 2024 has completely new business-critical data such as the 2020 Census and 2022 American Community Survey (ACS) demographics and boundaries (e.g., tracts, counties, and states). The free premium data will also be updated for Maptitude 2024 customers.

Maptitude 2024 ships with the January 2024 ZIP Code boundaries, ensuring that you are using the latest nationwide postal data.

The 2024 U.S.AustraliaBrazilCanadaMexicoNew Zealand, and United Kingdom & Ireland country packages all include updated streets that allow for accurate address locating and street visualization, directions, drive-time rings, and drive-time territories.

Free data layers available to Maptitude 2024 users

Online Analysis, Sharing, and Publishing

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

Maptitude Online does not require desktop Maptitude and can be accessed from any device or operating system. Directly from your browser you can upload Excel or CSV tables, or copy and paste your locations, or even type your addresses. The Create-a-Map-Wizard walks you through the entire map creation process and, when finished, you can securely share your results online.

New features allow you to use drawing tools to interactively measure features, to add shapes to maps, and to download demographics by shape as an Excel report, and to add new thematics for cluster/bubble and density/hot-spot visualizations.

A map of private schools in the United States. Expand the "Private School" entry in the legend and choose "Density/Heat" to see the map as a heat map or choose "Symbols" to see each individual school.

Online Sharing

Maptitude Online allows you to easily share your desktop or online Maptitude data privately or publicly. Detailed and attractive map backgrounds are provided for many countries and can be modified to meet your needs. Shared maps can be embedded on your website as iframes and branded with your organization name, logo, and website URL. Whether you are sharing your territories, maps, vehicle routes, or market analysis, Maptitude Online has the tools to do this securely and efficiently. Shared maps can now be enhanced with drawing and measuring tools.

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