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Maptitude Mapping Software

Maptitude Online Mapping Software - A Web Mapping App for Online GIS

Maptitude Online is both a map sharing add-in for desktop Maptitude and a stand-alone mapping application. Subscribe today for only $420 annually.

If you need to share your results with others, you can:

  • Share maps privately via a username and login
  • Share maps publicly with those given the map URL

In addition, even without a copy of desktop Maptitude, any subscriber can:

  • Upload Excel or CSV data, or copy and paste your locations, or even type your addresses
  • Batch geocode/pushpin address, ZIP Code, and city locations
  • Create thematic visualizations such as color/heat maps, pie charts, cluster/bubble, density/hot-spot, symbol, and size themes
  • Create radii/buffers/circles, straight line influence areas, weighted centers
  • Create demographic report PDFs and overlays
  • Use drawing tools to measure features, to add shapes to maps, and to download demographics by shape as an Excel report
  • Share maps publicly or privately
  • View, query, select, and filter tabular data and map layer features
  • Export map images
  • Create multiple selections on a layer, allowing, for example, interactive creation and visualization of territories (as sets) on an area layer such as ZIP Codes, Counties, or States
  • Modify maps (hide, delete, or add layers/spreadsheets, selections, themes, styles, labels, or analytics)
Blog: Why 70% of Fortune 50 companies rely on MaptitudeMaptitude Online Mapping Software

What is Maptitude Online?

Maptitude Online mapping software brings the benefits of the intuitive and powerful analytics of the desktop to the whole organization.

Administrator and team permissions can be set, and secure logins provide access to maps, data, and reports that can be accessed, queried, and downloaded. You can also choose which Maptitude Online maps you would like to make public.

The Maptitude Online mapping program can be thought of as either a “sharing add-in” to desktop Maptitude or as a stand-alone basic online mapping application.

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Map Sharing Add-in for Desktop Maptitude

As a map sharing add-in, maps and reports are created using either a desktop or remote desktop license. The annual online subscription then allows you to upload your maps and reports to the online application through which your maps can be viewed interactively via a web browser. Simple upload tools in desktop Maptitude securely transfer the data to the Maptitude Online platform.

Maptitude Online map software allows you to share the maps and reports that you create in Maptitude with people who don't have the desktop Maptitude software. The straight-forward publishing tools allow you to easily distribute your findings and results to those that need them within an organization and beyond.

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Maptitude Online Sharing


Stand-alone Online Mapping Application

As a stand-alone application, desktop Maptitude is not required, and you can directly upload Excel or CSV data and map it using a basic Create-a-Map-Wizard. These maps can also be shared online publicly or privately. This is a good option if your mapping needs are simple.

Maptitude Online address fields

1. Upload an Excel or CSV file to Maptitude Online and verify the fields that contain information that can be used for mapping.

Maptitude Online mapping options

2. Choose whether you want to display your data as points on a map or aggregated to postal codes or states

Maptitude Online map theme options

3. Choose a type of theme to use to illustrate your data on the map and one or more fields that contain the data to use.

Maptitude Online map analysis options

4. If you chose to show your data as points on a map, choose whether you also want to create buffers, find a weighted center, or create areas of influence/catchment areas

Maptitude Online Requirements

If you have the latest desktop Maptitude or need a simple stand-alone mapping application, you can subscribe to share your maps privately or publicly. Subscribe now! Maptitude Online makes it simple to upload and share your maps and data and is supported by comprehensive help, learning materials, and has competitive features and pricing.

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Blog: Why 70% of Fortune 50 companies rely on Maptitude

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