Census 2010 Travel Analysis Districts    

This application lets you see the the 2010 Travel Analysis Districts. You can see Census 2010, American Community Survey 2010 Estimates, and LEHD 2009* data for a district by choosing the Info Info Tool tool and clicking on a district on the map.

You can use the other tools to move about the map as follows:

Tool What it does How to use it
Zoom In Tool Zooms in on the map Click on the map to zoom in or drag a rectangle on the map to zoom to a specific location
Zoom Out Tool Zooms out on the map Click on the map to zoom out
Pan Tool Pans the map Click and drag on the map to pan to a new location at the current map scale
Previous Scale Tool Shows the previous map scale After panning or zooming, click to redraw the map at the previous map location
Initial Scale Tool Shows the initial U.S. map scale Click to redraw the map so that it shows the lower 48 states

*Note: There are no LEHD job data for Massachusetts, New Hampshire, The District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico.

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