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Upgrade Your Maptitude to Maptitude 2012 for Just $395, a $300 savings

Maptitude 2012 Now Available for the United Kingdom, Australia, & Canada. Upgrade Now!

For a limited time we are extending our US$395 upgrade pricing for all Maptitude versions (3.x, 4.x, 5.0, and 6.0). The discount saves you US$300!

Don't miss out on the wealth of new features, data, and demographics, including Census data where available, that are part of Maptitude 2012. Please visit our online store to order. Volume discounts are available by emailing U.S. Sales at

You do NOT need your old Maptitude installation or media to upgrade.

Find out about the improvements to Maptitude:

•  Maptitude 2012 United Kingdom (HTML)

•  Maptitude 2012 Australia (HTML)

•  Maptitude 2012 Canada (HTML)

•  New Features in Maptitude 2012 (HTML) (PDF)

•  New Features in Maptitude 6.0 (HTML) (PDF)

•  New Features in Maptitude 5.0 (HTML)

•  New Features in Maptitude 4.8 (HTML)

•  New Features in Maptitude 4.7 (HTML)

Take advantage of this limited time offer by placing your order on the Maptitude online store.

Limited time offer, valid until September 30th, 2012

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