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The Maptitude City Guide to Newton, Massachusetts offers a one-stop resource for accessing a wide variety of data and information about Newton, Massachusetts. The Points of Interest maps contain public and private points of interest including parks, schools, churches, dining, lodging, and retail stores. The Population maps contain demographic data for blocks and block groups from the 2000 Census, including age, race, income, and education. The Parcel maps contain aerial photography, parcels, school districts, and voting districts. The maps include school walking distance data that were computed with TransCAD Transportation Planning Software and topography that was computed with Maptitude. The data have been assembled from a variety of sources, including the US Census Bureau and the local Chamber of Commerce.

For statewide statistics (including crime, demographic, education, health, housing, and political data) by city and town, see MassStats.com.

Working with the Maptitude City Guide
The data are arranged in a number of interactive maps. You choose the map you want from the drop-down menu to the left of the maps and then use the tools to move around the map, change the scale, or get relevant data about the active map.

Tool How to Use It
Zoom In Click and drag on the map to zoom to an area
Zoom Out Click and drag on the map to zoom out
Pan Click and drag on the map to recenter the map
Initial Map Click to show the entire city boundary
Info Click on the map; A pop-up window displays data for the location where you clicked
Print Opens up a pop-up window in a printer-friendly format

You can also zoom to an address or ZIP Code by typing in the street address and/or ZIP Code and clicking Find.

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