Market Research & Quantitative Management Consulting

Caliper Corporation's senior staff have over fifty years of experience in applying state-of-the-art quantitative techniques to market analysis and business planning. Caliper staff have extensive expertise in marketing research, consumer preference analysis, new product assessment, attitude and image measurement, market segmentation, market share forecasting, product pricing, marketing information systems and data base development. We are experts in applying statistics, econometric methods, and operations research techniques to business problems.

For Foster Associates and USPS, Caliper performed econometric analysis of certain postal delivery operations to support cost analysis for an ongoing rate case.

For AMTRAK, Caliper developed a set of time series forecasting models to predict future revenues and to assess fare elasticities.

For New York MTA, we conducted an extensive comprehensive fare policy consulting study. The market research provided the basis for a detailed statistical analysis of the likely responses to new fare alternatives that can be implemented with new fare payment options and technologies.

For Roadway Package System (RPS) and Roadway Services, Inc. we have conducted numerous strategic marketing research projects. For RPS, we also completed a marketing research effort to assess the likely response to a possible new service. Previously, Caliper investigated the market potential for service expansion and provided strategic guidance to support these efforts. Caliper also performed a major pre-launch study to assess the viability of this new small package transportation system and to forecast likely market penetration.

For the Long Island Rail Road, we completed a series of marketing research efforts to identify the potential market for new and enhanced off-peak transportation services. As part of this effort, we evaluated the impact of recent advertising upon service awareness and patronage.

For GE, Caliper performed a number of pricing studies that made use of market simulations to develop optimal prices for new products to be introduced within existing product lines. We developed pricing recommendations for a major new medical system product. We have also developed pricing recommendations for new entries into GE's line of mobile and portable radios.

For a Telephone operating company, we performed a comprehensive customer market segmentation project and evaluated the attractiveness of several potential new business services. We also performed consumer and advertiser survey research and analysis to evaluate the likely customer response to changes in product offerings and prices.

For the Southern California Edison (SCE) Company, Caliper conducted econometric analysis of consumer preferences for refrigerator features. In other work for SCE, we have developed approaches for modeling customer participation in energy conservation programs. We also performed an empirical analysis of the response to experimental residential load control programs.

For Delmarva Power and Light, we analyzed customer data for the purpose of segmenting the commercial and industrial market for demand-side load management programs.

For the U.S. Department of Transportation, Caliper conducted a review on the state-of-the-art of market segmentation procedures utilized by American businesses.

For the Long Island Rail Road, Caliper performed a major market research study to assess the market potential for service to Grand Central Station. Our study established that service of this type could substantially increase LIRR patronage. Utilizing conjoint analysis methodology along with surveys of riders and non-riders, quantitative estimates of diversion of commuters from non-rail modes and from other LIRR terminals were developed. The study indicated that service to Grand Central would be likely to attract ridership equal to its capacity for likely ranges of service supply.

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