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How do I compare election and voter registration data from different elections where VTD boundaries have changed?

Maptitude for Redistricting now contains a Disaggregation/Aggregation Wizard that takes care of all data disaggregation and aggregation, even if the data are based on inconsistent geography. The wizard disaggregates the data down to the census block level. It then aggregates the data up to all valid levels that you select such as tract, county and place. These levels correspond to layers in the map. If the data are in a geographic layer, the layer can be in any format that Maptitude for Redistricting supports including Maptitude cdf and dbd, Esri Shapefile or File Geodatabase, and MapInfo Tab. The Layer option should be used only when the geography of the data being added does not match one of the geographic layers in the map (e.g., precinct data from 10 years ago when the precinct boundaries were completely different).

View tutorials of Disaggregating and Aggregating from a Table and Disaggregating and Aggregating from a Layer.

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