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Can I create custom colors for districts that can be used with any plan?

These steps will create a theme with the maximum number of districts used by your locality. The theme can be used by any plan type.

To Create a Theme for Your District Field of Your Districts Layer:

1.   Open ccStateHouse.cdf
2.   Choose Dataview-Formula Field and type in the following:  i2s(s2i(substring(LowerSLD,3,3)))
3.   Click Formula, and type District as the field name
4.   Click OK
5.   Choose Map-Color Theme
6.   Choose District from the field list
7.   Uncheck "Include counts in legend"
8.   Click the Styles tab
9.   Click "Other" then click the Style button
10. Change the Fill Style to None and click OK
11. Click the next class (the second one listed) and click the Style button
12. Change the Fill Opacity to 40 and click OK to close the Styles dialog box
13. Click Copy Pattern to apply the opacity settings to all classes
14. Click the Manual button
15. Click OK to close the Color Theme dialog box and apply the theme
16. Choose Map-Color Theme
17. Click Save
**If you have not created a settings file, you will be prompted for a file name; browse to the
location where you are storing your MTR files, enter a settings file name, and click Save
18. Enter a name for your theme; it is best to name is XXX Districts, where XXX is the number of districts defined by your theme
19. Click OK

To Apply the theme to your Redistricting Plan

1.    Open a plan
2.    Make Districts your working layer
3.    Choose Map-Color Theme
4.    Choose the District field from the field list
5.    Click the Manual button
6.    Click the Load button
7.    Choose the "From Settings File" radio button (you may have to browse for the settings file)
8.    Choose your XXX Districts theme and click OK
9.    Click OK to close the Color Theme dialog box and apply the theme
Now as you create additional districts they will be colored as specified in your theme settings.
***Tip: The map legend is set to display themes by default. We recommend editing the legend settings to hide the theme on the Districts layer.

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