Maptitude 5.0 Video Tutorials

The following videos cover many common Maptitude tasks. The videos require the Adobe Flash plug-in.

Creating Maps
Creating a Map (2:05)
Creating a general purpose map with Create-a-Map Wizard and using the Map Librarian
Creating a Map with Your Own Data (2:35)
Using the Maptitude Create-a-Map Wizard to locate, map, and analyze data stored in an Excel spreadsheet
Joining Your Data to a Map (4:40)
Using Create-a-Map Wizard and the Joins to attach your data to a map layer
Opening Other Geographic Format Files (1:35)
Opening Shapefiles, adding Shapefiles to a map, and opening ArcView Project files 
Map Basics
Moving Around a Map (1:50)
Using the Zoom In, Zoom Out, and Pan tools, using the Map Locator, finding a particular location, and setting the map scale 
Changing Map Styles and Labels (1:35)
Changing the default styles and labels for a layer
Display Manager (3:45)
Using the Display Manager to change the styles, labels, and visibility of items in a map
Creating Themes (2:25)
Creating color, chart, dot-density, and 3-D prism maps
Using Aerial and Satellite Imagery in a Map (2:10)
Using the Google Earth and TerraServer-USA toolboxes to add images to a map
Data Analysis
Working with Data (1:55)
Using the Info tools, displaying data in a dataview, and working with dataviews
Selection Sets (4:20)
Using the selection tools, selecting by location or by attribute, combining selection sets, and computing statistics
Locating Your Data on a Map (1:55)
Locating your data by address or ZIP Code
Geographic Analysis (4:30)
Creating overlays, areas of influence, bands (buffers), and density grids
Creating Network Bands (2:50)
Creating network-based bands of driving distance or time
International and Special Editions
Maptitude for Great Britain Overview (8:20)
Using Maptitude for Great Britain to locate your data, create thematic maps, and access Census data
Maptitude for Great Britain (0:55)
Finding locations and using the Google Earth toolbox
Maptitude for the Web (3:40)
Creating web applications using Maptitude for the Web