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Welcome to MassStats!

MassStats is an interactive map and statistical data viewer that offers one-stop access to a wide variety of public data. The data were collected from a variety of public sources which are listed on the Maps & References tab below.

MassStats is powered by Maptitude for the Web mapping software by Caliper Corporation and works best at a resolution of 1024x768 or higher.

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MassStats contains dozens of maps that are categorized to make it easy to find the statistical information that you are looking for. The following steps outline how to use MassStats:

To choose a map:

  1. Choose a map category from the left drop-down list. All of the available maps for that category will be listed in the center drop-down list.

  2. Choose a map from the center drop-down list. (If no category was specified, all of the MassStats maps will be listed.) You can narrow the list by typing in the box at the top of the drop-down list (e.g., income, zoning).

To find a city or town:

To zoom to a particular city or town, choose it from the right drop-down list. You can narrow the list of cities and towns by typing all or part of the name in the box at the top of the list.

NOTE: Maps for which the U.S. Census Bureau is the source will show information by Census Tract when you zoom in. Other maps will only show data at the city/town level.

To get information and move around a map:

Use the tools to get information about features in the map or to move around the map:

Tool Name How to use it
Info Tool


Click on the map to display data for the point where you clicked. On most maps this will be data about the city/town where you clicked, but on some maps it may be information about a school, school district, hospital, etc.
Hide Legend Tool

Show/Hide Legend

Click to hide the legend and any open info windows. Click again to toggle them back on.
Initial Map Scale Tool

Initial Scale

Click to change the scale of the map to show the entire state of Massachusetts.
Zoom In Tool

Zoom In

Click on the map or click and drag a rectangle on the map to zoom in.
Zoom Out Tool

Zoom Out

Click on the map to zoom out.
Pan Tool


Click on the map and drag to recenter the map.