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TransCAD comes in two versions, Standard (or Full TransCAD) and Base TransCAD. Base TransCAD is built from the same software as Standard TransCAD. Base TransCAD has most of the GIS capabilities of TransCAD but many fewer procedures for transportation planning and analysis. Procedures included with both versions of TransCAD include network creation, shortest path calculations, network partitioning, and the creation of network bands (isochrones). Procedures not included with Base TransCAD are all of the travel demand forecasting and routing/logistics procedures.

Planning utilities which permit importing of CTPP and PUMS files, import of TranPlan, MINUTP, emme/2, and TRIPS files are not included in Base TransCAD.

There are some additional capabilities for public transit that are part of Standard TransCAD that are not in Base TransCAD. These include transit O-D estimation, shortest path based upon schedules, and traveler information functions.

Lastly, Standard TransCAD has several advanced features for editing line layers that are not included in Maptitude or Base TransCAD. These include creation of interchanges and conflation of less accurate line layers to more accurate ones.

Supported Data Structures Base Standard
Point, line, and area layers included included
Matrices and desire lines included included
Route systems included included
Networks included included
Transportation Procedures Base Standard
Shortest Path included included
Shortest path with turn or transfer penalties included included
Address to address shortest path included included
Multiple shortest path included included
Network creation included included
Network partitioning included included
Network bands included included
Traveling salesman included included
Travel demand forecasting   included
Trip generation/production procedures   included
Trip attraction procedures   included
Trip balancing procedures   included
Trip distribution procedures   included
Mode choice analysis   included
Traffic assignment procedures including: multi-modal, multi-class, equilibrium, and dynamic equilibrium   included
Traffic assignment utilities including: screenline analysis, subarea focusing, and select link/zone analysis   included
Transit networks and paths   included
Transit assignment   included
O-D matrix estimation   included
Routing   included
Arc/street routing   included
Logistics   included
CTPP and PUMS import   included
TranPlan, MINUTP, emme/2, TRIPS, and TP+ import   included
GIS Features Base Standard
Geographic analysis tools included included
Surface analysis tools included included
Geocoding included included
Linear referencing and strip charts included included
Basic geographic editing included included
Spatial statistics included included
Interchange editor   included
Conflation tools   included

To request a demo, please call or visit the TransCAD Demo Request page. The demo is available FREE via download.