Demographic and Geographic Data Products

You need accurate and up-to-date data to make the most informed decisions for your business.

Caliper provides an amazing amount of useful data with its Maptitude Mapping Software and TransCAD Transportation Planning Software. Maptitude includes a FREE Country Package with a tremendous amount of nationwide geographic, Census, and demographic data so that you can get started as soon as you install the software.

In addition, Caliper offers an extensive catalog of business and demographic data that lets you analyze and find the best opportunities for your business. Caliper demographic and business data are available in a number of formats including table formats for use in spreadsheets and geographic layers for use in GIS and mapping software. Caliper also offers a number of map layers for sale that can enhance your geographic analysis. Geographic map layers are provided in Caliper CDF format for use with Maptitude and TransCAD. To learn about data availability in other GIS file formats, please contact a Caliper data expert by emailing or calling us at +1 617-527-4700.

Maptitude mapping softwareNationwide mapping out of the box!

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Request Data in Any Format For Any Application

Any of our datasets can be:

  • customized to meet your needs
  • converted for use with your application
  • provided in your preferred file format
  • provided as database tables/spreadsheets

Custom Data

Demographic and Business Data:

Banking Data
Business Location Data

INCLUDED FREE with Maptitude:

  • Business Locations
  • ZIP Code-Level Aggregate Business Location Data

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Housing Data

INCLUDED FREE with Maptitude:

  • U.S. housing data at the state, county, MSA, Tract, and ZIP Code levels

Available separately:

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Income, Asset, & Expenditure Data

INCLUDED FREE with Maptitude:

Available separately:

Psychographic Data

INCLUDED FREE with Maptitude:

Demographic Data

Caliper has an ever increasing number of demographic data sets available for countries throughout the world. One Country Package of data is INCLUDED FREE with Maptitude and additional Country Packages are $595. See specific countries for details on the demographics included:

US Demographic Projections:

US Census Demographics:

Geographic Map Layer Data:

U.S. ZIP Codes

INCLUDED FREE with Maptitude and the U.S. Country Package:

  • 3-digit ZIP Codes and 5-digit ZIP Codes with over 500 fields of demographic data that describe population, income, age, gender, race, housing units, households, education, language, employment, commute, housing units, and healthcare

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Also available separately:

U.S. Census Boundaries

Census Summary Levels and Demographics INCLUDED FREE with Maptitude when you choose the U.S. Country Package:

  • Census tracts, places, county subdivisions, counties, MSAs, and states.

Also available separately are:

Political Boundaries
Healthcare Layers
Transportation Layers
Environmental Layers
Survey System Layers
Miscellaneous Reference Layers
Community Development Layers
International Geographic Layers

Maptitude Country Packages include nationwide data for a single country. All Country Packages include street level geography, political boundaries, populated places, water features, landmarks, and many other useful layers. Maptitude includes one free Country Package, but you can purchase as many additional Country Packages as you need.

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Some Country Packages are also available for TransCAD.

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Also available:

Caliper also offers GIS demographic data and geographic GIS data in a variety of formats including ArcGIS shapefiles. Contact Caliper for more information.

*Free products require a current licensed version of Maptitude in order to download.