Contact us for more information about Caliper Corporation or our mapping software products, for written materials, for artwork including maps and logos, or to set up an interview with Caliper management staff.

Media Relations:
Telephone (USA): +1 617-527-4700

Caliper Corporation can provide you with highlights and information on geographic information systems (GIS), mapping, redistricting, transportation planning, and traffic simulation and their use by business and government organizations around the world. Caliper can also provide topic experts and maps for your stories.

Free & customized map graphics: Non-AI geo-map images to distinguish your story

We provide free custom map images & interactive maps for reporters on any topic for your story, blog, or website. See our Featured Maps for inspiration.

This service is on a first-come first-serve basis, so contact us with your request, ASAP. Depending on volume, not all requests will be able to be serviced (and we reserve the right to decline requests, at our discretion).

Free, and created by real people, to help you stand out with unique content against the flood of AI generated text and images.

See examples of the types of maps we have created for reporters, below:

If you have a regular need for map graphics, we would love to prioritize your stories and to regularly provide free mapping.

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