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Maptitude Mapping Software

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Mapping Software Solutions by Industry


Health Care Mapping

Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) Mapping Software

Contagious Disease Mapping

GIS for Health Care

GIS for Health Map

Health Care Compliance Mapping Software

Health Care Data Mapping

Health Center Service Area Overlap Mapping Software

Health Insurance Maps

Healthclub, Wellness, and Fitness GIS Software

HIPAA Compliant Mapping Software

Infectious Disease Mapping

Medical Provider Network (MPN) Plan Geocoding

Medicare Mapping Software



CRA Assessment Maps

Territory Mapping

Territory Mapping


Business Mapping

Business Development Mapping Software

Buying Power Mapping

Enterprise GIS

Insurance Mapping

Pest Control Mapping

Membership Mapping Software


Site & Facility Location

Franchise Mapping

Mapping Software for Retail

Marijuana Dispensary Location Mapping

Restaurant Mapping Software

Retail Mapping Software

Marketing & Sales

Marketing & Sales Mapping

Customer Mapping Tool

Interactive Customer Mapping Software US

Map Software for Sales

Marketing Mapping Software

Sales Data Analysis

Sales Mapping Software

Real Estate

Real Estate Mapping Software

Location Intelligence

Census Data Mapping

Census Data Mapping

Age Mapping Software

Demographic Mapping

Disposable Income Mapping


Route Planning & Deliveries

Commuting/Transportation Mapping Software

Escort Vehicle Mapping Software

Logistics Mapping Software

Pilot Car Mapping Software

Online Mapping

Web Maps/GIS Online Mapping

GIS Mapping

GIS Mapping

Desktop Mapping Software

GIS Consulting

Location Mapping Software

GPS Mapping

Map Analysis Software

Map Creation Software

Satellite & Aerial Imagery

Street Mapping

3-D Mapping

World Mapping


GIS Software for Local Government

Community Development

County Mapping Software

Disaster Response and Emergency Services Mapping Software

Education Mapping Software

Law Enforcement GIS

Military Intelligence Mapping

Precinct & Election Management


State Mapping Software

Tract Mapping Software

Resources and Utilities

Energy Industry Mapping

Cell Phone Forensics

Energy Market Mapping Software

Forestry Mapping

Telecommunications Mapping Software

Jesse Greer

“Maptitude is an excellent GIS program and is priced very low considering the value it provides. To name just a few key benefits I've experienced after owning it for only a week: It has tons of geographic and demographic information; it's relatively easy for beginners; there are tons of online guides, training materials, and seminars; tech support is very responsive and helpful. I highly recommend this program to anyone looking for basic to complex functionality in a GIS program.”

    Jesse Greer
Abbott Inc.
Sioux Remer

“I discovered Maptitude in 1995 when it was first released and have used it exclusively in my health/hospital planning career. It has been indispensable in terms of product quality, affordability and ease of use. I was able to make a variety of custom maps of hospital patient data for executive-level decision support. There is nothing to dislike about Maptitude - it has gotten easier to use over the years and is still the 'best bang for the buck.'

   Sioux Remer
Bronson Health
Kirsten Tisdale

“Maptitude is excellent for doing geographic analysis projects looking at: where existing customers are and new ones might be (including using the built-in demographic data); identifying hot-spots, patterns and trends that can't be seen in Excel. It is really helpful with network design tasks - which sites are best: centers of gravity; visualizing size of flows between distribution centers; allocating volume to different depots.”

  Kirsten Tisdale
Aricia Limited
Alex Arifuzzaman MBA

“I have used Maptitude to expose undergraduate and graduate students to the power of GIS. The built in data and map layers allow the students easily perform advanced spatial analysis and data visualization with a minimal amount of training. The automated trade areas provide for advanced network analysis that can be fed into AI systems to provide a new dimension which have improved predictions. I would recommend this software to any company looking to bring spatial analysis capabilities to their organisation. The minimal cost is well worth it.”

  Alex Arifuzzaman MBA
Schulich School of Business
Nick Nicholas

“The package offers ease of use, an extensive range of functions and capabilities, and a wealth of data. In fact, if I purchased the data separately, from any of multiple sources, the cost for data and restructuring would be over $20,000.”

  Nick Nicholas
The Demographers Workshop
Raymond Kwock

“Amazing product at a great value with even better customer service! The benefits have been providing invaluable insight to upper management regarding what kinds of opportunities are out there and consequently, giving the company a chance to grow via acquisitions. Moreover, the additional features within Maptitude allows you to identify new areas of growth or new markets to enter given the plethora of demographic data it has embedded within the software.”

   Raymond Kwock

Mapping Software Product Comparisons

Explore the differences between mapping software applications and Maptitude.

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Digital Land Maps LandVision replacement

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MapInfo Comparison

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Mapping Software Solutions by Feature

Explore mapping software features, functionality, and data.

Political Mapping Software Solutions

Explore how mapping software can be used in politics, elections, and redistricting.

Maptitude for Redistricting

Redistricting Software Product Comparisons

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