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Maptitude Mapping Software

Medicare Mapping Software

This Maptitude map highlights regional variations in Medicare payments for office visits. States with higher payments than the national average are shown in dark orange and states with lower payments are shown in light green.

The average Medicare payment per office visit by state was calculated using CMS data on services provided to Medicare beneficiaries by health professionals.

This data can be used directly with Maptitude, allowing analysts to explore payment trends and identify unusual provider and service patterns. Government agencies and insurers can use the data to identify high-priced providers, potential fraud, and spot location-based variations in the patterns of care. Consumer groups may use the data to identify high-volume or low-volume providers in their attempts to identify the best physicians.

When used with the Maptitude USA Country Package deeper insights can be made into issues of provision by socio-economic characteristics by geography, using the wealth of demographics provided with the software (more...).  

There are many benefits when you use Maptitude mapping software:

  • Identify the demographic characteristics of the people who use your products and find locations with desirable demographics
  • Pin map the locations of your customers by address and identify how well they are served from your existing infrastructure
  • Quickly see the information and trends hidden in your geographic data
  • Create 3-D maps, heat maps, territories, drive-time rings, hot-spots, charts, and reports
  • Import, analyze, segment, and report on data in almost any format
  • Map your data for any country in the world: where available use demographic, address, zip code, post code or county boundary data
  • Use location intelligence to filter and categorize data
  • Print, export, manage, share, and use located-based results
  • Contact us via phone and email during your 60 days of free technical support!
  • Use Maptitude marketing mapping software and start seeing better maps and better results – Now!
Average Medicare Office Visit Payments by State


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Maptitude is competitively priced and enables organizations and businesses to use their location-based data to improve decision making. Why spend more for less?

Maptitude Users

Sioux Remer

“This I discovered Maptitude in 1995 when it was first released and have used it exclusively in my health/hospital planning career. It has been indispensable in terms of product quality, affordability and ease of use. I was able to make a variety of custom maps of hospital patient data for executive-level decision support. There is nothing to dislike about Maptitude - it has gotten easier to use over the years and is still the 'best bang for the buck.'”

 Sioux Remer
Bronson Health
Battle Creek, Michigan
Jesse Greer

“Maptitude is an excellent GIS program and is priced very low considering the value it provides. To name just a few key benefits I've experienced after owning it for only a week: It has tons of geographic and demographic information; it's relatively easy for beginners; there are tons of online guides, training materials, and seminars; tech support is very responsive and helpful. I highly recommend this program to anyone looking for basic to complex functionality in a GIS program.

 Jesse Greer
Abbott Inc.
Orlando, Florida

The best mapping software! Here's why:

√  Maptitude is the easiest-to-use full featured mapping software, and includes powerful tools such as multi-ring drive-time zones, facility location, routing, and market share analysis

√  Maptitude has no subscription fees, and supports secure off-line data storage

√  Maptitude provides fully customizable maps with unlimited point icons

√  Maptitude has unlimited pin-mapping/geocoding

√  Maptitude includes free mapping data and demographics (where available) covering everything from population statistics to business locations, postal/ZIP Codes, and more!

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