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Maptitude 2021
Desktop and Online. The one-stop mapping platform.

The best app for sharing and visualizing your location intelligence

Maptitude 2021 has new premium data, online publishing, and enhanced analysis tools.

New Data

New U.S. data provide access to the most up-to-date geographic information available. Only Maptitude 2021 users will have access to completely new business-critical data such as the count of those under 18. We will also be updating our free premium data for Maptitude 2021 customers. New free USA data include building footprints and address points that are useful for site evaluation, direct mailing, and deliveries. While the financial assets dataset is essential for any organization that relies on wealth-related statistics.

The boundaries (e.g., tracts, ZIP Codes, counties) have updated demographics and Census data such as buying power/disposable income, banking compliance data, and 2019 Census ACS data.

Maptitude 2021 also ships with the January 2021 ZIP Code boundaries, ensuring that you are using the latest nationwide postal data.

The 2021 U.S.AustraliaBrazilCanadaMexicoNew Zealand, and United Kingdom & Ireland country packages all include updated streets that allow for accurate address locating and street visualization, directions, drive-time rings, and drive-time territories.

U.S. assets, building footprints and address points, and expenditure data for Maptitude 2021

The assets, building footprints and address points, and updated expenditure layers are included for USA users

Online Sharing and Publishing

Maptitude 2021 allows you to upload, share, and manage your analytics and maps in the Cloud. Analysts can now easily distribute their findings and results to those that need them within an organization and beyond.

Whether you are distributing your routes or fleet models to your sales reps and drivers, or displaying revenue and sales numbers by territory for management, Maptitude Online has the tools to do this efficiently and effectively. Simple upload tools in desktop Maptitude securely transfer the data to the Maptitude Online platform where administrator and team permissions can be set. Secure logins provide access to maps, data, and reports that can be accessed, queried, and downloaded. Maptitude Online brings the benefits of the intuitive and powerful analytics of the desktop to the whole organization.

You can also choose which Maptitude Online maps you would like to make public. When integrating mapping functionality into your website or webpage, your Maptitude Online subscription can be enabled to support one-click confirmation for map publishing.

Share Maptitude maps with a Maptitude Online subscription

Share any number of maps with Maptitude Online

Powerful Data Analysis and Visualization

Maptitude 2021 is our fastest version yet, with improvements to map opening speed, quicker display of imagery or aerial backgrounds, and quicker trip routing tools.

Maptitude 2021 has enhanced one of the best features of Microsoft MapPoint, the ability to control speeds by road type, by allowing the user to explicitly set the speeds. In addition, you can now clearly differentiate layers on a map by automatically using a different color for each additional group of pushpins. A powerful addition to the logistics and operations tools is the Market Share (Huff Model) Wizard that allows you to estimate your market coverage versus the competition for existing or proposed locations.

To reflect the growing needs of analysts and data scientists, we provide many new ways to visualize and understand data. These include opening corresponding map coverages in Google Maps and Street View, stacked and box plot and radar charts, and multiple column thematics in 3D and 2D.

Maptitude 2021 market share map

Maptitude supports a wide array of visualization tools

New Features in Maptitude 2021

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