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Maptitude Mapping Software

Learning Maptitude

Maptitude includes a comprehensive Help system with background information, step-by-step instructions, and a series of hands-on tutorials that let you try out features. In addition, a learning portal, tooltips, and other on-screen visual cues also make Maptitude easy to learn and use. Caliper also offers several hands-on training classes for Maptitude in classroom settings or on-site at your location. Our training can be customized for your specific needs and user group.

Caliper offers a full range of GIS implementation services. Our GIS professionals will assist you in assessing data requirements, database strategy and design, database development, and analytical modeling. Caliper also provides custom application and turnkey system development services, including web site creation.

Our video tutorials and webinars are a fast and efficient way to get started with Maptitude. If you are new to Maptitude we recommend that you watch all of the tutorials from start to finish as they introduce many Maptitude techniques, tools, and procedures. Another great way to learn how to perform specific tasks is with the "60-Second tutorials" in the Maptitude Help System.

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