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Register today for a free Maptitude mapping software live webinar. Q&A sessions are included and the most commonly used tools in the software are covered. Upcoming webinars:

Topic Date Start Time Duration Register
Maptitude Basics 1/5 12:00pm EDT* 30 min. REGISTER
Creating Routes 1/12 12:00pm EST* 30 min. REGISTER
Maptitude Basics 1/19 12:00pm EST* 30 min. REGISTER
Using the Territory Wizard 1/26 12:00pm EST* 30 min. REGISTER

*6:00 Honolulu/9:00 San Francisco/10:00 Denver/11:00 Chicago-Mexico City/13:00 Rio de Janeiro/17:00 London/18:00 Amsterdam-Paris-Pretoria/21:30 New Delhi/2:00+1day Sydney/4:00+1day Auckland

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Videos of Past Webinars:

New Features in Maptitude 2021

March 2021 | 16:26

Using the Territory Wizard

March 2021 | 11:56

Maptitude for MapPoint Users

March 2021 | 16:12

Using MapPoint Data in Maptitude

March 2021 | 15:38

Creating Routes

March 2021 | 12:55

Using Layouts

March 2021 | 17:54

Creating Buffers

March 2021 | 15:42

Maptitude Basics

March 2021 | 14:40

Selection Methods

March 2021 | 17:47

Site Analysis

March 2021 | 15:37

Creating Points, Lines, Areas, and Buffers Interactively

August 2020 | 19:36

Creating Drive-Time Rings

July 2020 | 13:15

Maptitude Webinar Descriptions

Maptitude Basics:

This webinar will help you get started using Maptitude. We will discuss mapping your data, changing the styles on a map, adjusting labels and much more.

Maptitude for MapPoint Users:

This webinar will help MapPoint users get started using Maptitude. We will discuss mapping your data, changing the styles on a map, getting reports on custom-defined areas, creating drive time rings, the hover tool and creating territories.

Using MapPoint Data in Maptitude:

This webinar will demonstrate using MapPoint data in Maptitude. We will discuss importing a file that contains point locations and territories, editing territories and displaying patterns in the point data. We will also import a Streets & Trips file and create a route using Maptitude's routing tool.