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Register today for a free Maptitude mapping software live webinar. Q&A sessions are included and the most commonly used tools in the software are covered. Please email the Maptitude Team if there are topics you would like considered for future webinars.

Upcoming webinars:

Topic Date Start Time Duration Register
Maptitude Basics 10/5 12:00pm EDT* 30 min. REGISTER
Creating Routes 10/12 12:00pm EDT* 30 min. REGISTER
Using the Territory Wizard 10/19 12:00pm EDT* 30 min. REGISTER

*6:00 Honolulu/9:00 San Francisco/10:00 Denver/11:00 Chicago-Mexico City/13:00 Rio de Janeiro/17:00 London/18:00 Amsterdam-Paris-Pretoria/21:30 New Delhi/2:00+1day Sydney/4:00+1day Auckland

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Videos of Past Webinars:

New Features in Maptitude 2022

June 2022 | 18:15

New Features in Maptitude 2021

March 2021 | 16:26

Using the Territory Wizard

March 2021 | 11:56

Maptitude for MapPoint Users

March 2021 | 16:12

Using MapPoint Data in Maptitude

March 2021 | 15:38

Creating Routes

March 2021 | 12:55

Using Layouts

March 2021 | 17:54

Creating Buffers

March 2021 | 15:42

Maptitude Basics

March 2021 | 14:40

Selection Methods

March 2021 | 17:47

Site Analysis

March 2021 | 15:37

Creating Points, Lines, Areas, and Buffers Interactively

August 2020 | 19:36

Creating Drive-Time Rings

July 2020 | 13:15

Maptitude Webinar Descriptions

Maptitude Basics:

This webinar will help you get started using Maptitude. We will discuss mapping your data, changing the styles on a map, adjusting labels and much more.

Maptitude for MapPoint Users:

This webinar will help MapPoint users get started using Maptitude. We will discuss mapping your data, changing the styles on a map, getting reports on custom-defined areas, creating drive time rings, the hover tool and creating territories.

Using MapPoint Data in Maptitude:

This webinar will demonstrate using MapPoint data in Maptitude. We will discuss importing a file that contains point locations and territories, editing territories and displaying patterns in the point data. We will also import a Streets & Trips file and create a route using Maptitude's routing tool.