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TransModeler SE Traffic Analysis Software

TransModeler SE is a complete traffic analysis solution in one software package. With TransModeler SE you can:

  • Complete a traffic impact study in one software package: Build/No Build scenario management, ITE or custom trip generation, trip distribution, HCM 6th Edition LOS analysis, traffic signal optimization, MOE report creation, and 3-D visualization
  • Analyze traffic signal operations on coordinated arterials or at isolated intersections
  • Conduct alternatives analyses for roadway improvement projects on urban streets, freeways, and two-lane highways
  • Evaluate intersection capacity improvements at signalized and unsignalized intersections and roundabouts with simulation-based and analytic HCM 6th Edition methods
  • Analyze freeway corridors with conventional and emerging interchange configurations
  • Evaluate access management scenarios with the world’s first commercial, off-the-shelf microsimulator for center two-way left turn lanes (TWLTL)
  • Simulate passing on two-lane highways with the world’s first commercial, off-the-shelf microsimulator for rural highways
  • Study the impacts of travel time and travel time reliability improvements on mixed urban street and freeway networks
Traffic signal operations
Two-lane highway passing simulation
Center two-way left turn lane simulation
Roundabout simulation


  • High-fidelity microscopic traffic simulation for freeways, urban streets, and two-lane highways
  • Traffic impact analysis tools with ITE and customizable trip rates
  • Simulation-based coordinated signal system optimization
  • MUTCD traffic signal warrant evaluation
  • HCM 6th Edition LOS calculation for signalized intersections, unsignalized intersections, and roundabouts
  • Compelling, dynamic 3-D animation and visualization
  • Integrated background imagery using web map layers
  • Flexible, efficient road editing tools enabling unmatched geographic and geometric accuracy and level of detail
  • Intuitive data entry and visualization for turning movement volumes and signal timing data
  • Support for a broad range of traffic signal controller parameters, timing variables, and detector geometries
  • Convenient output management for producing reports, tables, and charts for a wide variety of performance measures
  • Unprecedented software integration and interoperability (TransCAD, Synchro, ESRI shapefiles/geodatabases, Excel)

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