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Testimonials & Reviews

Mapping Software Reviews

We have compiled a comprehensive and extensive list of mapping software reviews and map software comparisons.

Mappr: Maptitude by Caliper Review (2021)

WooFresh: The 10 Best GIS Software (2018)

GIS Geography: Maptitude From Caliper – GIS Software Review (June 2016)

Directions Magazine: Geospatial on a Budget 3: The Magic of Maptitude (5/18/2016)

Position IT: Maptitude 2016 South Africa Review (May 2016)

Geoweb Guru: Maptitude Product Overview (5/13/2015)

GIS Cafe: Maptitude Mapping Software 2014 Review (9/10/2014)

Directions Magazine: Maptitude Mapping Software 2014 Review (9/10/2014)

Computer America: News Tips Bulletin Review of Maptitude (MP3) (2014)

Maptitude Mapping Software 2013 Review (2013)

GIS Software Feature - Maptitude: Versatile and Cost Effective (3/13/2013)

GEO Informatics: Maptitude 2013: A Software Review (March 2013)

Association of Canadian Map Libraries and Archives: Geospatial Data and Software Reviews: Maptitude 2012 (Number 142, Fall 2012)

Directions Magazine: Product Overview: Maptitude Version 2012 (6/27/2012)

Slashgeo: Maptitue 2012 Product Overview (6/27/2012)

Review of Maptitude GIS Software by Caliper YouTube video review by Grant Thrall (12/18/2009)

GEO Community: Maptitude GIS Software 5.0 Review Review of Maptitude 5.0 (12/2/2009)

Government Computer News: A GIS Program for the Rest of Us Review of Maptitude 5.0 (4/28/2009)

Directions Magazine: Maptitude 5.0 for Great Britain: One User's Perspective (10/29/2008)

Directions Magazine: Product Review: Maptitude 5.0 Review of Maptitude 5.0 (4/16/2008)

Geospatial Solutions: Profile of Caliper GIS Software Suite Review of Maptitude 5.0 (3/28/2008)

Imperial Valley Post: Maptitude Passes Testing with Flying Colors Review of Maptitude 5.0 (3/16/2008)

Geospatial Solutions review of Maptitude Table Chooser for SF 1 and SF 3 (6/03)

GIS Maptitude 4.6

GI News: Profile of Caliper GIS Software Suite Copyright ©2002 GI News Ltd. All Rights Reserved (April/May 2002)

Federal Computer Week: Maptitude Carves Out Middle Ground Review of Maptitude 4.5(4/15/02)

GeoWorld Review of Maptitude 4.2 and Maptitude for the Web (5/01)

Southern Changes: Redistricting in the Computer Age: A Review of Maptitude for Redistricting (2000)

South Carolina Forestry Commission Review: Maptitude-A Low Cost GIS/Desktop Mapping Alternative (2000) Caliper's Maptitude 4.0 Review of Maptitude 4.0 by Patrick Marshall (May 1999)

Review of Maptitude (Chinese) Maptitude used in the Information Center of the Huanghe Water Resources Committee (1998)

PC Magazine: Maptitude 4.0: This Version Delivers High-End GIS Steak at Hamburger Prices by Barry Simon (12/29/1997, Page 12-29)

Government Technology: Desktop GIS Preview (June 1996) Social Science Computer Review: review of Maptitude (1996; 14, Page 129-131)

URISA Journal: Maptitude-An Economical, Versatile Desktop GIS Product (Fall 1996, Page 105)

Maptitude 3.0 Review (Fall 1995)

InfoWorld: Maptitude Offers Unbeatable Mapping Value for Windows (12/18/95)

PC Magazine: Maptitude: Mapping Software with Low Hurdles (9/12/95)

InfoWorld: Maptitude Offers GIS Aptitude at Low Cost (5/22/95)

Maptitude & Caliper Reviews

Mapping Software Comparisons:

Cartographic Perspectives: Review of GIS Tutorial 1 for ArcGIS Pro (8/7/2018)

Maptitude is the Alternative to MapPoint (Caliper 9/26/2014)

Google Underwater Mail Delivery in New York's Financial District? (Caliper 8/20/2014)

MapCruzin: Why we use Maptitude GIS for All of Our Projects (2/19/2009)

Online: Mapping Solutions Under $500 GIS and mapping software reviewed. Includes product comparisons and detailed review of Maptitude (6/05)

All Business: Desktop Data Mapping (6/02)

GeoCommunity: Very Initial MapPoint Impressions (vs. Maptitude) (6/4/2001)

Geospatial Solutions: Putting Cartography Before the Horse: ArcView, Maptitude, and MapInfo (11/1/2000)

Geospatial Solutions: MapPoint and Maptitude Destinations Known. Grant Ian Thrall & Susan Elshaw Thrall, July 2000, pp.47-49.  

Federal Computer Week: Mapping the World with GIS Wares (3/21/99)

Mapping Awareness: "Desktop GIS for Business" (12/98)

CCIM Institute: Mapping a Better Presentation, Brian Culpepper & Shelby Johnson, June 26, 1998, pp. 32-39.

Federal Computer Week: We look at three GIS packages with state and local users in mind, December 31, 1997

Los Angeles Times: Small businesses are getting help with decisions from systems that render complex data into easy-to-use maps  November 21, 1995

InfoWorld: "Product Comparison Geographical information systems." Julia C. Carreon, July 31, 1995, pp. 68-90.

Los Angeles Times: Software that Marries Maps with Sophisticated Data Tables  March 8, 1995

GeoInfo Systems: First Impressions — Four Mass Market GIS Software Programs (5:60-65, 1995) Grant Ian Thrall, J Del Valle, and Susan Elshaw Thrall