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May 2024 (International): Upgrade Amnesty Pricing; Tips to Improve Your Delivery Routes; Territory Hierarchy Examples; Tech Tips

May 2024 (Subscribers): Simplify Territory Management with Hierarchical Territories; Tips to Improve Your Delivery Routes; Tech Tips

May 2024: Upgrade Amnesty Pricing; Tips to Improve Your Delivery Routes; Territory Hierarchy Examples; Tech Tips

April 2024 (International): Maptitude 2024 Released; New Maptitude Data for the Americas, Europe, and Oceania; Tech Tips

March 2024: Maptitude 2024 Released; Best of the Month's LinkedIn Posts; Tech Tips

January 2024: Maptitude 2024 Preview; Creating Territories from Clusters of Points; Tech Tips

January 2024 (International): Maptitude 2024 Preview; Creating Territories from Clusters of Points; Tech Tips


December 2023: Learning Maptitude; How to Perform Retail Trade Area Analysis; Tech Tips

December 2023 (International): Upgrade Amnesty Pricing; Updated Point of Interest Data; Web-Based Mapping, Analytics, Data, and Sharing; Tech Tips

November 2023 (Subscribers): Maptitude Online Trial; Top Franchises for 2023; Using GIS to Look at Changes in Employment Patterns; Tech Tips

November 2023 (Non-Subscribers): Upgrade Pricing; Top Franchises for 2023; Using GIS to Look at Changes in Employment Patterns; Tech Tips

November 2023 (International): Upgrade Amnesty Pricing; Updated Point of Interest Data; New Maptitude Data for the Americas, Europe, and Oceania; Tech Tips

October 2023 (Subscribers): Routing Deliveries and Pickups; Updated Point-of-Interest Data; Introduction to Maptitude Online; Tech Tips

October 2023 (Non-Subscribers): Upgrade Amnesty Pricing; Updated Point-of-Interest Data; Introduction to Maptitude Online; Tech Tips

September 2023: Updated Free Data Layers for 2023; Real Estate Site Criteria Analysis of Street Intersections; Tech Tips

April 2023: Maptitude 2023; GIS for Local Government: Planning and Zoning; Tech Tips

March 2023: Maptitude 2023 Preview; Albertsons and Kroger Geographic Market Analysis; Municipal and Local Government Webinars; Tech Tips


September 2022: Updated FREE Data Layers for 2022; How to Measure Market Share Using the Huff Model in Maptitude; Tech Tips

September 2022 (International): Upgrade Amnesty Pricing; Web-Based Mapping, Analytics, Data, and Sharing; Tech Tips

August 2022: Upgrade Amnesty Pricing; Updated Point-of-Interest Data; Introduction to Maptitude Online; Tech Tips

August 2022 (International): Maptitude 2022 Upgrade; Updated Point-of-Interest Data; New Data for Americas, Europe, and Oceania; Tech Tips

July 2022: Upgrade Pricing; 2022 Business Locations; Why 70% of Fortune 50 companies rely on Maptitude to drive their business development; Tech Tips

June 2022: Maptitude Online; How to Perform Supply Chain Greenfield and Brownfield Analysis; Tech Tips

May 2022: Maptitude 2022 Released; How to Automate Territory Optimization; Tech Tips


September 2021: Updated FREE Healthcare Layers; How to Make Maps Look Nice; Tech Tips

August 2021: New FREE ZIP Code Business Count Data; How to Map Businesses by ZIP Code; Tech Tips

June 2021: Updated Business and Points of Interest Layers; Mapping Housing Market Data; Tech Tips

May 2021: Amnesty Pricing; Creating Efficient Vaccination Delivery Routes; Tech Tips

April 2021: Upgrade Pricing; 4 Ways Maptitude Makes Marketing and Sales Mapping More Efficient; Tech Tips

March 2021: Maptitude 2021 Released; How to Map Territories and Market Areas; Tech Tips


December 2020: Maptitude Online Map Dashboard; New Free Layers; Best GIS Data Sources

November 2020: Share Your Maptitude 2020 Maps Online; Show Multiple Routes on a Map; Overnight Routes; What is the Best Business Location?

October 2020: Updated Healthcare Layers; Filtering Health Data by Taxonomy; Mapping Census Tract Codes; 5 Tips for Mapping Multiple Stops

July 2020: Learning Maptitude; USA County Projection Data; Creating Summary Fields; Creating Animated GIFs

July 2020 (international): Learning Maptitude; Switching Between Country Packages; Labeling Locations in Other Languages

June 2020: New Business and Point of Interest Layers for Maptitude 2020; Creating Overnight Routes; Maps with Wide Streets

June 2020 (international): New Data for the UK & Ireland, Australia, Canada, DACH, and New Zealand; Changing the Map Unit Language and Measurements; Translating Menus

May 2020: Upgrade Pricing; Updating Territories; Copying Drawing Items Between Maps

May 2020 (international): New Country Packages for the UK & Ireland, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, and New Zealand; Creating Worldwide Territories

April 2020: Upgrade Pricing; Four Ways Maptitude 2020 Saves You Time & Money; Performing a "What if" Facility Location; Saving Maps to PDF

March 2020: Maptitude 2020 Released; Learning and Using Maptitude 2020

February 2020: Maptitude 2020 Preview; Using Segmentation to Find Markets


November 2019: U.S. Consumer Expenditure Data; Finding Household Expenditure in a Radius

October 2019: Free Bank and Credit Union Data; Geodemographic Segmentation; Masks

September 2019: New Healthcare Layers for 2019; Creating a Glow Map; Adding USGS Topographic Imagery to a Map

July 2019: Free Business and Point of Interest Data; Belgium and Scandinavia Country Packages; Using the Learning Portal

May 2019: Upgrade Pricing; Maptitude Testimonials; Updating Territory Boundaries; Listing ZIP Codes in Excel Reports

April 2019: Upgrade Pricing; Four Ways Maptitude 2019 Saves You Time & Money; Customizing Excel Report Demographics; Editing Lasso Drawing Items

March 2019: Maptitude 2019; Learning Maptitude 2019; New Maptitude 2019 Demographic Maps

February 2019: Maptitude 2019 Preview; Maptitude 2019 Preorder


November 2018: Consulting, Mapping, and Data Services; Request Data in Any Format For Any Application

October 2018: New FREE ZIP Code Business Count Data; Aggregating ZIP Code Data to the State Layer

September 2018: New FREE Highway Exit and Traffic Layers; Downloading 2018 Traffic Layers; Hiding Layers in a Maptitude Map

August 2018: New FREE US Healthcare Layers; Downloading 2018 Healthcare Layers; Performing a Drive-Time Ring Analysis

July 2018: New FREE US, Australia, Canada, and UK Point of Interest Layers for 2018; Downloading Point of Interest Layers; Performing a Lasso Analysis

June 2018: New FREE Business Layers for 2018; New 2018 Country Packages; Downloading Business Layers

May 2018: Upgrade Pricing; Testimonials; Updating Territories with the Latest ZIP Codes; Distance and Travel-Time Tables

April 2018: 4 Ways Maptitude 2018 Saves You Time & Money;  Importing MapPoint Waypoints; Adding color themes to an open map

March 2018: Maptitude 2018 Adds Enhanced MapPoint Features; Naming Drive-Time Rings; Drive-Time Ring PDF Reports

February 2018: Maptitude 2018 Released; Updating Linked Data; New Demographic Maps

January 2018: Maptitude 2018 Preview; Demographic Map Librarian; Saving Style Settings


December 2017: Premium Demographic Data Included with Maptitude; Finding and Working with Demographics

November 2017: New Average Annual Daily Traffic Layer; Downloading the Free AADT Layer; Modifying Color and Size Themes

September 2017: New U.S. PLSS and TXSS Layers; Downloading the Free PLSS Layers; Adding Background Imagery to a Map

August 2017: New U.S. Healthcare Layers; Downloading the Free Healthcare Layers; Lasso Analysis

July 2017: New U.S. Landmark Layers; Downloading the Free Landmark Layers; Major League Baseball Map; Drive-Time Ring Analysis

June 2017: New U.S. Business Layers; Downloading the Free Business Layers; Drive-Time & Radius Analysis

June 2017 (International): New Country Packages for the UK & Ireland, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, and New Zealand; Eclipse Map; Global Geocoding

May 2017: Learning Maptitude; 401k Assests Map; Creating Density/Heat Maps

April 2017: Upgrade Pricing; Testimonials; State income Tax Map; Updating Territories with New ZIP Code Geography

March 2017: 4 Ways Maptitude 2017 Saves You Time & Money; Using Export to Excel with Healthcare Data

February 2017: Maptitude 2017 Adds Enhanced MapPoint Features; Importing a MapPoint Territory Layer; Importing MapPoint Routes

January 2017: Maptitude 2017; Area Code Boundaries; Distance and Travel Time Tables


December 2016: Maptitude 2017 Sneak Preview; Locating by Coordinate; Transfering Data from a Point Layer to an Area Layer

November 2016: USA Healthcare Data Videos, Tricks and Tips; Drive-Time Market/Catchment Areas; Hover Tool Settings

October 2016: USA Hospital Bed Data; Straight-Line Market/Catchment Areas; Symbol Theme Maps

August 2016: Free Map Resources; U.S. Drought Map; Drive-Time Rings Under 5 Minutes; Customizing Heat Map Ranges

July 2016: Maptitude Review; Learning Resources for Former MapPoint Users; Building Buffers to a Value

June 2016: Maptitude in Directions Magazine; Germany & Australia Geocoding Enhancements; Importing GTFS Transit Data; Importing Google Earth KML/KMZ Attributes

May 2016: Learning Maptitude; Zika Virus Map; Animated GIF Maps; Importing MapPoint Territories

April 2016: Maptitude 2016 Upgrade Amnesty; Larger Drive-Time Rings; Nested Averages

March 2016: Maptitude 2016 Benefits; Where the Craft Beer is Brewing; Territory Tips; Customizing the Hover Tool

February 2016: Maptitude 2016 Adds MapPoint Features and Tools; Where the Coffee is Brewing; Scheduling Options for Routing

January 2016: Maptitude 2016; U.S. State Leading Exports; Exporting Territories and Reports to Excel


December 2015: Maptitude 2016 Sneak Preview; 2020 Reapportionment Projections; Filtering Features with a Theme

November 2015: School Redistricting; CO2 Emissions per Capita per State; Top Google Searches; Creating Rings that Encompass a Particular Value

October 2015: Redistricting, Territory Alignment, & Boundary Revisions; Star Wars Filming Locations; Filtering Healthcare Locations by Taxonomy; Viewing Detailed Maps For Anywhere In The World

September 2015: Healthcare Compliance Mapping; Polluted States, Where Coal is King, and Where Renewables Reign; Creating Variable-Size Rings; Zooming with the Map Locator

August 2015: Using a USB GPS Device with Maptitude; Opening Streets & Trips and AutoRoute Files; Daytime Population, Largest Banks, and Jedi Maps

July 2015: FREE Healthcare Data for Maptitude 2015; New 2015 Germany Country Package; PDF and Vector Output Tips

May 2015: Sneak Peek at Territory Manager; Using Layouts to Create Wall Size Maps; Saving Layouts to Image Files

April 2015: Franchise Mapping with Maptitude; How to Use the Nearby Features Addin; Exporting Reports to Excel

March 2015: MapPoint Alternative; Opening MapPoint PTM files in Maptitude 2015; New Block Groups and Congressional Districts Data; Using Drawing Tools to Export to Excel

February 2015: Maptitue 2015 Released; How to Use the Locate Wizard; New Country Packages for 2015

January 2015: Maptitue 2015 Sneak Preview; How to Create a Bubble Map; Updated Download Free Layers Tool


December 2014: A Brand You Can Trust; How to Map Businesses by Name; New Bolivia Country Package

October 2014: Energy Market Mapping; How to Add Layers that Were Downloaded from a Website; New Russia Country Package

September 2014: Maptitude .NET API Provides Solution for MapPoint Developers; How to Count Nearby Businesses; New Switzerland Country Package

August 2014: Google Underwater ZIP Codes compared to Maptitude ZIP Codes; Creating a cropped map with a mask

July 2014: Alternative to MapPoint; How to identify high growth potential areas; Peru Country Package; Turning off snapping when moving labels

June 2014 : CKE Restaurants Case Study; How to use company logos for point icons; 2014 UK Data; Medicare Data Map

May 2014 : Maptitude 2014 Upgrade Offer; Maptitude Data; High-Resolution Map Images from Maptitude; Using Sum Fields

April 2014: Beta Analysis Tools; Canada, Brazil, and Mexico 2014 Country Packages; Creating Custom Fields Using Formulas

March 2014: 2014 Australia Country Package; Choosing Demographics when Performing Ring Analysis; One-Click Reporting

February 2014: Maptitude 2014 and U.S. Country Package; Creating Drive-Time Zones; Maptitude 2014 Videos

January 2014: Maptitude 2014 Sneak Preview; Site Location Using the Weighted Center Tool; Finding Nearest Stores & Distances To Them


December 2013: Caliper Brings Site Location Analysis to Real Estate with Maptitude MassStats Application; Analyze Market Area Demographics; Retail Data in Maptitude

October 2013: Emergency Services Data in Maptitude; Analyze Crime Hotspots; Click Bands Toolbox Webinar Video

September 2013: View Major Storms with WMS Image Toolbox; Analyze Populations and Their Health Care Accessibility

August 2013: FFIEC Census Tract Demographic Data; Updated Portugal Country Package; Creating a Heat/Color Map Theme on Areas

July 2013: New ZIP Codes with Population Projections and Disposable Income; Updated Ireland Country Package; Locating Your Data by ZIP/Postal Code

June 2013: New Country Packages for Chile, Ecuador, France, Netherlands, & Spain; Locating Your Data by Address

May 2013: Country Package Limited Time Special Offer; Creating Multiple Line Labels; April 2013 ZIP Code Data; Creating 3D Themes

April 2013: Maptitude 2013; Germany Country Package; Congressional Districts Data; Tagging Areas with Point Layer Data

March 2013: Maptitude 2013; India Country Package; State Legislative Districts Data; Saving Shortest Path Routes as Selections

February 2013: Maptitude 2013; Mexico and New Zealand Country Packages; Maptitude Webinar; ZIP Codes with 2011 ACS Data; Adding Coordinate Data to a Map

January 2013 : Maptitude 2013; Australia, Brazil, Canada, UK, & US Country Packages; Block Groups with 2011 ACS Data; Using the Selection Toolbox to Manage Territories


November 2012: State Legislative District Layers; Argentina, Chile, and South Africa Data Packages; Vector Grids and Overlays

October 2012 : Maptitude 2012 Upgrade & ZIP Code Special Offer; Colombia Data Package; Ordering Chart Themes

September 2012: Maptitude 2012 Upgrade Special Offer; Washington DC and London UK Training; Italy and Brazil Data Packages; Combining Maps

August 2012: Maptitude 2012 Upgrade Special Offer; International Data Packages; Mapping MSAs, ZIP Code Points, & 3-Digit ZIP Codes

July 2012: Maptitude 2012 Upgrade Special Offer; Canada Data Package; ZIP Code Data with Business Counts; Using Image Fill Styles

June 2012: Maptitude 2012 Upgrade Special Offer; Australia Data Package; 3-D Hot Spot Maps

May 2012: Maptitude 2012 Upgrade Special Offer; Quarterly ZIP Codes; Using Chart Themes to Show Positive and Negative Data

April 2012: Maptitude Creating Jobs Nationwide; Maptitude 2012 for Australia; 2010 Census School Districts; Creating Masks

January 2012: Maptitude 2012 is Released; Maptitude 2012 for Canada is Released; 12-Month ZIP Code Data Disc Subscription; Creating Drive Time Zones by Clicking on a Map


December 2011: Census Blocks with 2010 Data; Using Themes to Show More Than One Field of Data for Points on a Map

November 2011: Census Block Groups with 2010 Data; Maptitude for Great Britain 6.0 Released; Using the Map Librarian to Map 2010 USA Demographic Data

June/July 2011: Inserting a Vector Graphic into PowerPoint and Ungrouping Shapes; 111th Congressional Districts; New Countries Available

May 2011: Redistricting Data DVD with 2010 Census Data; Adding Layers to a Map

April 2011: Maps from an Excel Table; Quarterly ZIP Codes with 2009 ACS Data

February/March 2011: Create Territories Based on Selection Sets; Quarterly ZIP Codes Data


October/November 2010: Click on Locations to Phone Them with Skype; Canadian Data DVD

August/September 2010: Showing Point Locations Using Letter or Number Pattern Themes

June/July 2010: Using Color Images for Point Locations; Congressional District Data

April/May 2010: Mapping Tract Data with the Map My Own Data Wizard; ZIP Code Data

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