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Sneak Preview: Maptitude 2016 is Faster & Easier to Use

Maptitude 2016 is due out in the first quarter of 2016, and we are offering you an exclusive first look at some of the new features!


Maptitude 2016 provides the business value you expect when investing in mapping software with the most up-to-date and accurate maps, streets, postal data, and demographics. With significant enhancements to map redraw speeds, territory management, and trip plans, Maptitude is the fastest and most intuitive professional mapping application. 


Maptitude 2016 answers specific operational questions with data driven solutions. For example, you can ensure balanced and equal territories using any combination of demographics or sales data. You can create multiple vehicle routes, schedule stops and stop duration, calculate fuel costs, and create directions.


With enhanced versions of the features that Microsoft MapPoint users are familiar with, Maptitude retains the ease-of-use of the MapPoint tools while providing the functionality that Microsoft users could only wish for.


Territory Tools
Businesses require robust territory creation tools that excel in both the handling of data tables and in the visual manipulation and representation of service areas. Maptitude 2016 was designed to exceed these requirements, and provides an intuitive Territory Wizard and a sophisticated Territory Manager with complete undo and redo support.


Route Manager
You need the ability to plot accurate stops and to manipulate, manage, and compare routes. Maptitude 2016 gives you these capabilities in a simple tool that allows you to order or optimize your vehicle visits, among thousands of stops, and with variable cost and time per stop.


New Features

  • Significant speedups in map display
  • A hover label tool
  • Circle/radius and line drawing items auto-labelled with distance
  • Metropolitan area and 3-digit ZIP Code area mapping (USA)

There are many more improvements in Maptitude 2016! Stay tuned for additional information. Please contact the  Maptitude Sales Team with any questions.

Maptitude Territory Tools
Maptitude Route Manager directions output
Using Outdated Data & Technology? Upgrade to Maptitude 2016!

Pre-orders & discounted upgrades!

Maptitude 2016 will be released at the beginning of 2016.*


If you purchase Maptitude 2015 between Dec. 1st and Jan. 31st then you can pre-order Maptitude 2016 at a discounted price on DVD or as a download.**


If you have any questions, email or call +1 617-527-4700 to check on your eligibility for this pricing.

*Limited Offer: Upgrade pricing valid for Maptitude 2014 or later. Restrictions Apply.

**Limited Offer: Valid for Maptitude 2015 purchases made between Dec. 1 (2015) and Jan. 31 (2016.) Restrictions Apply.


Featured Maptitude Map: 2020 Reapportionment to Shift Political Clout South and West

Every ten years, something momentous happens in U.S. politics: the 435 House of Representative seats are reapportioned among the states based on the change in share of population as reported in the Census. The UNC-Chapel Hill's Carolina Population Center used data from a variety of sources to predict the losers and winners by state in the 2020 apportionment. The pattern that emerges is of a shift in power from the northern USA to the south and west. Using the 2020 population projection data included with Maptitude, we were able to verify these projected trends.


Featured Maptitude maps

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Tech Tip: How Do I Filter Medicare Payments by Physician?

Top and bottom decile medicare payments in L.A. areaMaptitude allows you to filter data based on dollar amounts. Maptitude even has tools that automatically group your data into naturally occurring clusters that can then be filtered.

We will show how you can do this by filtering physicians by Medicare payments.

» Learn How Here

Download Free Healthcare Data in the Caliper Store

Tricks & Tips: Visualize Medicare Payments by Physician

Visualize point data with labels and scaled-symbol themes

You can use a label and theme to visualize the data for point features in a map.


In the Display Manager, make sure the Physician layer is visible and click on the label icon, then in the Field drop-down, choose Multiple Fields. Follow the prompts to choose the fields you would like, such as [Last Name] and [Medicare Payments]. When you are done, make your Physician layer the working layer and then choose Map-Scaled Symbol Theme. Choose [Medicare Payments]  for the field and click OK. The Physicians are now scaled by and labeled with the Medicare payments.

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