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Retail Site Selection Mapping

Maptitude makes it easy to use maps to analyze and understand the best locations for retail site selection, hotel site selection, or any other facility placement problem. Maptitude is a powerful combination of site mapping software and geographic data that provides everything that you need to make informed decisions.

In addition to the latest demographics, Maptitude includes substantial social, housing, and income data, along with easy-to-use suitability analysis tools that will allow you to better understand the relationships between your demand, supply, and competitor locations.

Facility Site Selection Highlights
  • Perform site selection and analysis
  • Find the best facility locations
  • Analyze trade areas and potential sites
  • Choose the best location for one or more facilities
Blog: Why 70% of Fortune 50 companies rely on Maptitude

In addition to the site selection tools below, Maptitude has extensive functionality for Marketing and Sales Mapping including travel time rings.

Analyze demographics, facility locations, and competitors with Maptitude site selection analysis tools

Perform site selection analysis using the included data to analyze the demographics about any number of sites to find the ones with the most desirable characteristics.

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On this page:

Kirsten Tisdale

“Maptitude is excellent for doing geographic analysis projects looking at: where existing customers are and new ones might be (including using the built-in demographic data); identifying hot-spots, patterns and trends that can't be seen in Excel. It is really helpful with network design tasks - which sites are best: centers of gravity; visualizing size of flows between distribution centers; allocating volume to different depots.

Kirsten Tisdale
Director/Logistics Consultant, Aricia Limited
Banbury, United Kingdom

GIS in Retail Site Selection Process

The retail site location process is not simply a matter of identifying available properties. It requires a series of analytical steps that GIS software is ideally suited to help answer:

  • What amenities, attractions, and services are in the surrounding area
  • What is the demographic profile of the market area in terms of education, employment, and buying power
  • What competitive or complementary retail is in the immediate area
  • Are there better locations available in the market area such as within a 15-minute drive time ring
  • How accessible is the site from major roads and population centers
Maptitude map showing GIS retail site selection process to assess competitive retail, accessibility, and disposable income

By using GIS in the retail site selection process you can assess a site's competitive pressures, accessibility, and market potential.

Kellye Martin

“I have access to traffic counts, local businesses, demographic information, drive times, and aerial imagery, all at the tips of my fingers. The program is easy to use, as well.”

Kellye Martin
GIS Analyst, Coast Realty Associates
Providence, Rhode Island

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Site Location Analysis

With Maptitude you can create a circular service area that encompasses a set of points such as addresses. You can then choose to weight the center location by a field in your point layer such as demand.

Site location map with employee locations and weighted center location created with Maptitude property management software

Find a weighted center of service for a collection of locations to identify valuable sites.

For example, if you are considering relocating a store, you can create a trade area around your customers and weight the center by their sales volume to determine a new candidate location. Alternatively, you may have a database of client employees. You can then use Maptitude to see the best central location based on the density and distribution of the addresses. These could be weighted by seniority, allowing you to better explore potential site locations by considering staff characteristics.

Territory VideoCASE STUDY:
How CKE manages franchise territories with Maptitude

There is also a Facility Location wizard for site selection analysis (see Facility Location below). The Wizard provides a powerful yet simple to use site selection tool that guides you through the entire site selection process from model creation to site prediction.

In addition, street-based tools allow you to create drive-time rings that give you an additional method for assessing the accessibility of a site. You can use the rings to determine areas that are underserved or to determine how many of your customers would benefit from a new site with shorter drive times.

Use Maptitude for retail site location to assess the accessibility of sites and the benefits they bring to your customers.

Assess the accessibility of sites based on drive-time to make informed site selection decisions. This retail site location map shows the customers that are within a 20-minute drive of two store locations.

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Brett Lucas

“Maptitude is a great alternative to [other mapping software]. Using Maptitude, I can easily create 3-D maps, heat/hot spot mapping, Areas of Influence (Thiessen Polygons), drive-time rings, flow maps (desire lines and spider maps), territory mapping, and spatial overlays (tagging features from one layer to another), trade area/site selection and much more.”

Brett Lucas
Sr. Planner for the City of Cheney & Geography Instructor
Spokane, Washington

Facility Location Analysis

Facility location problems involve choosing the best location for one or more facilities from a set of possible locations. Potential applications include exploring new franchise locations, corporate office relocations, and branch optimization. The included site location toolset addresses all types of site location preferences. For example:

  • You want to determine the number of facilities that are required to guarantee a certain level of service.
  • You want to maximize the distance between facilities and the population they serve. For example, to minimize proximity to a competitor. Landfills and power plants are also often located relatively far from major population centers.
  • You want to consider the presence of existing facilities. The locations of these facilities obviously affect the choice of locations for new facilities. In addition, you may want to consider both adding new facilities and closing one or more existing facilities.
Determine which sites are best fitted to meet a level of service or profit

Facility location models can identify efficient sites, taking into account both existing facilities and candidate locations.

Paul Lucassen

“The Facility Location tool is a gem offering a wide range of opportunities for relocation purposes.”

Paul Lucassen
Lucassen Consulting
The Hague, Netherlands

Benefits of Site Selection Technology

  • Successful companies have discovered that using corporate location strategy as a competitive advantage can help yield additional financial gains.1
  • Site selection technology allows for the quick estimation of performance potential.2
  • The use of technology in site selection can avoid risks, delays, hidden costs, and even fatal flaws that can occur when data is applied without context and experience.1


There's no better retail site mapping software at any price. Why spend more for less?

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