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Maptitude Mapping Software

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Maptitude includes extensive geographic and demographic data so you can get started as soon as you start using the application. Compare this to most mapping and GIS software that require separate purchases or the paying for credits to access geospatial information. Maptitude is integrated with the best datasets to support successful mapping and problem solving. Surprisingly few map tools provide this data.

Map of housing value by U.S. states
Map of housing value by tract in Dallas TX and Tarrant TX counties

Maptitude includes nationwide geography at multiple levels of detail. With Maptitude and the United States Country Package you can make demographic maps at a national or neighborhood scale.

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Maptitude includes one free detailed Country Package* of your choice. Each provides a wealth of data unavailable in competitor products. Up-to-date streets and addresses support accurate pin-mapping (geocoding) with travel times for computing routes and drive-time rings. Postal data and detailed demographics (where available) are included. Map Libraries allow you to easily create attractive geographic and demographic maps, with unlimited address locating and territory creation.

Click on a country to learn more about the included data:

Maptitude Mapping Software Maptitude Argentina Mapping Software - Software de Mapeo para Argentina Maptitude Austria Mapping Software - Geoinformationssystemen für Österreich Maptitude Australia Mapping Software Maptitude Belgium Mapping Software - Mapping Software voor Belgie Maptitude Bolivia Mapping Software - Software de Mapeo para Bolivia Maptitude Brazil Mapping Software - Software de mapeamento para o Brasil Maptitude Mapping Software Maptitude Chile Mapping Software - Software de Mapeo para Chile Maptitude Colombia Mapping Software - Software de Mapeo para Colombia Maptitude DACH Mapping Software - Geoinformationssystemen für DACH Maptitude Denmark Mapping Software Maptitude Ecuador Mapping Software - Software de Mapeo para Ecuador Maptitude Finland Mapping Software Maptitude France Software - Systeme Information Geographique pour la France Maptitude Germany Mapping Software - Geoinformationssystemen für Deutschland Maptitude Iceland Mapping Software Maptitude India Mapping Software Maptitude Ireland Mapping Software Maptitude Italy Software - Sistema Informativo Geografico per l'Italia Maptitude Mexico Mapping Software - Software de Mapeo para Mexico Maptitude Netherlands Mapping Software - Mapping Software voor Nederland Maptitude New Zealand Mapping Software Maptitude Norway Mapping Software Maptitude Peru Mapping Software - Software de Mapeo para Peru Maptitude Portugal Mapping Software - Software de mapeamento para Portugal Maptitude Russia Mapping Software Maptitude Scandinavia Mapping Software Maptitude South Africa Mapping Software Maptitude Spain Mapping Software - Software de Mapeo para Espana Maptitude Sweden Mapping Software Maptitude Switzerland Mapping Software - Geoinformationssystemen für die Schweiz - Systeme Information Geographique pour la Suisse Maptitude UK Mapping Software Maptitude UAE Mapping Software

Also included are building footprints and comprehensive named landmarks that range from public facilities to commercial buildings including shops, restaurants, and retail stores.

Additional country packages can be purchased for US$595. You can switch between countries, seamlessly refreshing Maptitude with country-specific tools. These include those for finding, pin mapping (geocoding)routing, and Create-a-Map Wizard mapping.

Please contact Sales to check on the availability of street, postal, demographic, and other data for countries not listed.

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Winnipeg income map created with Maptitude mapping software and Canada Country Package

Includes demographics for U.S.A., Australia, Brazil, Canada, DACH, France, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Spain, and U.K.

UK and Ireland map created with Maptitude mapping software and UK Country Package

Create maps at any scale, from nationwide to a neighborhood

Sydney map created with Maptitude mapping software and Australia Country Package

Includes detailed area and point landmarks and building footprints where available

A global map is provided with Maptitude, allowing you to map your data anywhere on Earth by coordinate, manually, or by any populated place (village/town/city).

World Data Included with Maptitude

The Download Free Layers Add-In provides easy access to no-cost web-based data sources. This tool downloads administrative boundaries for any country (including China and the Middle East), while detailed data that includes many roads, postal codes, landmarks, natural features, and infrastructure is available for a growing number of countries.

Maptitude world provinces map

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Maptitude provides a comprehensive map data catalog. The available datasets are extensive and can be used for demographic analysis, sales and marketing analysis, and other types of business development research.

Free Map Data

Fee Map Data

The Maptitude political and Census boundaries include an extensive collection of demographic and lifestyle data from the US Census. This helps gain insights into the landscape in each state and region, giving a comprehensive picture of your target market. The small area Blocks and Block Groups provide the most accurate counts of population at the local level. Whether you're creating targeted campaigns, or planning a grassroots effort, the Maptitude political and Census boundaries are an essential tool. ·        

Mapping software for the United States Mapping software for Canada Mapping software for the United Kingdom
Mapping software for Brazil Mapping software for Netherlands Mapping software for Australia

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Get started right away with the extensive data included with Maptitude

* Currently available Country Packages: 2024 - Australia, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom & Ireland, USA; 2023 - Netherlands; 2020 - Argentina, DACH (Austria, Germany, Switzerland), France, Italy, Peru, Spain; 2019 - Belgium, Scandinavia; 2017 - Colombia; 2015 - Chile; 2014 - Bolivia; 2013 -  Ecuador, India, Russia, South Africa; 2012 - Portugal.