Business Location Data

Caliper business location datasets include:

  • Business Locations
  • ZIP Code Level Aggregate Business Location Data

The Landmark Points layer included with the Maptitude U.S. Country Package (Free with a Maptitude purchase) includes the locations of thousands of businesses including:

Apparel & clothing stores (109,200)
Auto parts businesses (52,900)
Auto service stations (202,500)
Auto dealerships (30,300)
Bank branches (106,200)
Book stores (4,100)
Cinemas (4,000)
Consumer electronics stores (46,000)
Convenience stores (69,800)
Department stores (32,300)
Gas stations (109,300)
Grocery stores (64,100)

Hardware & home improvement stores (41,600)
Home specialty stores (32,300)
Office supply stores (11,600)
Pet supply stores (9,200)
Power equipment dealers (18,400)
Restaurants (508,900)
Shoe stores (11,900)
Shopping centers (6,900)
Specialty stores (71,200)
Sporting goods stores (32,900)
Truck stops (1,200)
Warehouse/wholesale stores (1,900)

Business locations for other countries are included with the respective Country Packages.

Available File Formats:

The Point Landmark data layer is only available as part of a Country Package for use with Maptitude mapping software.

Price: Included with Maptitude

business location map

Caliper offers aggregated 2009 ZIP Code Business Patterns (ZBP) data and 2006 Rural-Urban Commuting Area (RUCA) data. The ZIP Code layer included with the Maptitude U.S. Country Package (Free with a Maptitude purchase) includes the 25 fields of ZBP and RUCA data (see below for a list of the included fields).

Available File Formats:

The ZIP Code data are availabe in other GIS formats. To learn more or to order, please contact a Caliper data expert today by emailing or by calling us at +1 617-527-4700

Price: Included with Maptitude (Contact Caliper to ask about other file formats)

Data Fields Included:

Total number employed in ZIP Code
Total annual payroll
Number of Business Establishments
Number of Ag/Forestry/Fishing/Hunting establishments
Number of Mining/Quarrying/Oil & Gas establishments
Number of Utilities establishments
Number of Construction establishments
Number of Manufacturing establishments
Number of Wholesale Trade establishments
Number of Retail Trade establishments
Number of Transportation/Warehousing establishments
Number of Information establishments
Number of Finance/Insurance establishments
Number of Real Estate establishments
Number of Professional/Science/Tech Services establishments
Number of Management establishments
Number of Administrative/Support/Waste Management establishments
Number of Educational Services establishments
Number of Health Care/Social Assistance establishments
Number of Arts/Entertainment/Recreation establishments
Number of Acoomodations/Food Services establishments
Number of Other Services establishments
Number of Unclassified establishments
Rural-Urban Commuting Area Type
Commuting Type

Caliper table of aggregate ZIP Code business data

Caliper map of income data by zip code