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Maptitude Mapping Software

Maptitude Overview

Maptitude GIS and mapping software is the most capable and cost-effective map maker to:

  • Optimize sales territories, vehicle routes, and site locations
  • Visualize, analyze, and present mission-critical data
  • Maximize profits, time, and resources
Qdoba Mexican Eats

“I've been using Maptitude for more than 15 years. It is simply the best tool available for businesses that need a market planning mapping and data resource. It can do everything I need it to do - from the very simple to the complex. It integrates nicely with other programs and file types making analysis and presentation very easy. I highly recommend Maptitude to firms who need a function-rich GIS mapping solution. It is the best!”

Mike Sawyer
Market Planning, Qdoba Mexican Eats

“Pros: Cost. Much easier to reach a purchasing decision. I loved the integrated country data package so I didn't have to download census layers and other info - it was all built in.”

Alex Martin
Sr. Program Manager, Amazon
Seattle, Washington
Best Mapping Software for Business Users

On this page:

About Maptitude

With extensive maps, comprehensive demographic data, and user-friendly mapping tools, Maptitude empowers organizations to analyze and understand the impact of geography.

Create visually stunning maps, visualize data from spreadsheets, estimate populations, locate customers, build custom territories, generate heat maps, and much more. Trusted by Fortune 500 companies, Maptitude offers unmatched performance and value, starting at just $695 with a FREE country package of GIS data. Request a demo or free trial today to experience the full potential of Maptitude mapping software.

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There's no better mapping software at any price. Why spend more for less?

Blog: Why 70% of Fortune 50 companies rely on Maptitude

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Testimonials: Organizations That Successfully Use Maptitude Mapping Software

Choosing the right mapping solution can be time-consuming. Fortunately, Maptitude has emerged as the clear choice for all types of organization, offering a seamless experience and a wealth of features. Here's what some satisfied users have to say:

Browse the Maptitude Mapping Tools

Maptitude mapping software contains powerful location intelligence tools giving you a deeper understanding of the geographic relationships in your data:

Radius Map Tool

Estimate populations around locations on a map

Use the included demographics to estimate populations

Geocoding Tool

Locate your customers and facilities on a map

Create pin maps by address, postal code, coordinate, and more for unlimited numbers of records

Drive Radius Tool

Create drive-time rings around map features and estimate the populations within them, count the customers within them, or find underserved areas

Determine drive-time or distance rings at any interval

Territory Map Tool

Build custom sales territories and districts

Build custom territories based on areas, proximity, or drive time

Heat Mapping Tool

Create heat maps showing over and underserved areas

Identify weighted concentrations of features and over- and under-served areas

Map Filter Tool

Filter features by geographic attributes, conditions, or a combination of the two

Filter features based on location and geographic attributes as well as conditional data attributes

Facility Location Tool

Mapping tools for identifying suitable facilities

Facility location mapping tools can find suitable locations for expanding your business

Thematic Map Tools

3D and color thematic maps

Customize feature styles, heat maps, charts, choropleth maps, 3D maps, and more

Logistics Map Tools

Plan delivery and pickup routes from one or more depots

Optimize routes for several vehicles needing to reach many destinations for deliveries and pickups in fixed time windows

Shortest Path Tools

Maptitude map of shortest path route returning to origin

The shortest path calculations allow for minimizing the cost of the path as an ordered/unordered route

Market Share Tool

Determine trade areas and identify a weighted center to identify valuable sites.

Determine trade areas and identify valuable sites

Business Map Tools

Map tools for locating your data on a map

Mapping tool for locating businesses and competitors

Area of Influence Tool

Thiessen mapping tools create straight-line distance territories

Thiessen polygon/Voronoi diagram map tools can create straight-line distance territories

Internet Mapping Tools

Maptitude Online bubble theme map

SaaS applications such as Maptitude Online allow you to share your geographic data as device independent and mobile-friendly interactive maps.

Drive-Time Territories

Maptitude GIS map of territories based on drive-time to nearest hospital

Drive time radius maps show the catchment areas of facilities

Desire Line Map Tool

Mapping tools visualizing flows with spider diagrams

Desire lines (also known as spider diagrams) allow the visualization of flows

GPS Mapping Tools

Map tools for GPS playback

GPS support includes the ability to read/animate/import GPS data and create line and point layers from GPS data

Map Clustering Tool

Maptitude map of customers clustered with a maximum number of units capacity

A clustering tool groups points or areas into compact clusters, while placing optional constraints on the clusters such as maximum size or a balanced total field, such as Sales or Population

Land Use Map Tool

Maptitude map of land use mix by neighborhood

Measure walkability and land use mix, to assess equitable access to services, amenities, and jobs

Statistical Tools

Maptitude box plot tool looking at home values and earnings

Compute summary statistics (sum, min, max, mean, standard deviation), compute spatial autocorrelation, and create box plots, histograms, and radar charts

Buffer Map Tool

Maptitude map buffers around hospitals

Circular buffers/bands for analyzing proximity

Weighted Center Map Tool

Maptitude GIS map of weighted center gravity location of customers

Weighted center calculations allow the identification of centers of "gravity" among points

Territory Balancing Tool

Maptitude map of territories automatically created and balanced by population

A balancing tool automatically creates territories that are balanced by a specific demographic

Data Classification Tools

Maptitude map of home value by ZIP Code in Cook County divided into quintiles

Classify data with quantiles, equal weight, equal interval, standard deviation, nested means, arithmetic or geometric progression, optimal breaks, categories, and manual classification

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VIDEO: Learn what Maptitude mapping software can do for you

Mapping made easy

Maptitude is an intuitive and Wizard-driven application that streamlines your business development tasks. Answer a few simple questions and Create-a-Map Wizard™ makes presentation ready maps for any area from local, to national, and international. With a few clicks of the mouse, MapWizard® automatic mapping technology helps you map and visualize your data and to create thematic maps where each element can be customized, including colors, styles, and labels.

Once you understand the patterns hidden in the numbers, share your maps to tell your stories. Create map reports and images for presentations. Copy and paste your maps into applications such as Office, print them, or produce wall-size posters. You can also upload your analysis to Maptitude Online to share with others or to publish on the web.

Maptitude mapping software starts at only US$695 and includes a FREE country package of GIS data ($595 value) that comes with everything you need to immediately start benefiting from the power of location intelligence. Access up-to-date streets, addresses, and postal boundaries, and pin-map (geocode) unlimited numbers of locations. Real travel time data is used for computing routes and drive-time rings, better reflecting the reality of your markets. Extensive demographics, business, and point-of-interest (POI) data are included.

Maptitude will meet your needs whether you need desktop GIS software with secure off-line data storage or if you require an online mapping platform. Maptitude is also the only map software that does not require a subscription!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Maptitude Mapping Software?

Maptitude is mapping software that allows you to visualize data in new and different ways, unearth geographic patterns hidden in your tabular data, and  share maps in a straightforward manner. Maptitude provides everything you need to realize the benefits of mapping and spatial analysis with both desktop and online solutions.

Every day you work with spreadsheets and databases filled with vast amounts of customer, employee, sales, facility, and territory data. Maptitude mapping software unlocks the trends hidden in your data and enables you to visualize those hidden patterns.

With Maptitude mapping software you can:

  • Know exactly where your customers are located
  • See where sales are highest (or lowest)
  • Find over- and under-served areas
  • Find hidden opportunities
  • Spot geographic patterns and trends that cannot be seen in database tables and spreadsheets
  • Answer geographic questions that impact your operations
  • Create and modify territories

Maptitude has the richest feature set and highest performance of any mapping software. Maptitude offers comprehensive online GIS and desktop mapping software functionality and provides many new and enhanced features that make it easier for you to create and edit maps, add your data to mapsanalyze geographic data, and connect to corporate data resources.

Maptitude is the best mapping software. Request a demo or free trial today!

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What are the unique features of Maptitude that set it apart from other services?

Maptitude is a powerful and versatile mapping software program that has several unique features that set it apart from other GIS tools. These include:

  • Easy-to-use interface: Maptitude is the easiest location intelligence application to use, learn and deploy. With user-friendly, Wizard-driven tools coupled with Office-style “single document” saving users can easily create maps and manage their data. This makes Maptitude the best choice for users of any skill level.
  • Extensive data libraries: Maptitude comes with a wide range of pre-loaded data libraries, including demographics, street maps, and business data. This data can help users to create maps and analysis without the need for additional purchases. There are extensive industry-specific datasets available directly from the Maptitude Store at no additional cost.
  • Advanced geospatial analysis tools: Maptitude offers a variety of advanced geospatial analysis tools, such as unlimited geocoding and address matching, automatic territory balancing, hierarchical territories, market area analysis, facility site location optimization, and vehicle fleet route planning. These tools allow you to gain insights into spatial data to make better business decisions.
  • Customizable maps, visualizations, and reports: Maptitude allows users to create highly customized map reports and visualizations. These include customizable symbols, thematic maps, the ability to modify any layer style or label, 3D graphics, and automated report creation in many formats including PDF and Excel.
  • Data integrations: Maptitude offers seamless integration with most platforms, allowing two-way data sync with Excel, Access, SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, or ODBC sources. With support for over 70 different geospatial formats such as shapefiles, Esri File Geodatabases, Google KML/KMZ, GeoJSON, and MapPoint PTM files users can bring in the data they need. This enables users to effortlessly import, analyze, and enrich their mapping projects with diverse datasets from a multitude of sources, streamlining workflows and empowering analysts.
  • Desktop or Online Options with One-time or Subscription Pricing: Maptitude has flexible licensing and budget-friendly pricing options. The software can be installed and run completely offline without a subscription or any ongoing charges. Alternatively, you can subscribe to the Maptitude Online SaaS. In addition, you have the unique capability of being able to upload any of your desktop maps for sharing on the web by purchasing a desktop and an online subscription. Maptitude has the most flexible pricing and deployment models of any mapping software on the market.

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How can your business benefit from the features of Maptitude?

The unique features of Maptitude can benefit your business in many ways. For example, organizations can use Maptitude to:

  • Plan and manage territories or routes
  • Identify potential customers and market opportunities
  • Analyze sales and performance data
  • Select optimal locations for new stores or facilities
  • Make better decisions about resource allocation

Here are some specific examples of how Maptitude customers have benefited from its unique features:

  • A restaurant chain used Maptitude to identify potential new franchise locations by analyzing demographic data and site characteristics.
  • A transportation company used Maptitude to plan and manage its routes more efficiently, which saved the company money and improved customer service.
  • A health care organization used Maptitude to select the optimal location for new medical centers by analyzing factors such as population density, staffing numbers, and proximity to other providers.
  • A government agency used Maptitude to analyze crime related data and identify the location of key infrastructure. This information was then used to develop optimized territory boundaries.

Maptitude is a powerful and versatile mapping software program that offers many unique features that can benefit customers in a variety of ways.

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What common problems do companies face that Maptitude can help solve?

Scenario 1: Sales territory optimization and planning

Many companies face the challenge of optimizing and planning their sales territories. This task is important because it helps organizations to improve their sales performance and to allocate their resources more effectively.

Maptitude helps businesses to optimize and plan their sales territories by providing them with a variety of geospatial data and analysis tools. These allow you to:

  • Identify the locations of customers and prospects
  • Identify the characteristics of customers and prospects (e.g., demographics, industry, revenue)
  • Analyze sales data to identify trends and patterns
  • Create maps that clearly show this combined information

Once a company has used Maptitude to analyze their sales data and to identify the characteristics of their markets, they use this information to create optimal territories. These boundaries should be balanced in terms of size, potential revenue, and workload.

Maptitude includes features to plan territories, such as:

  • Territory balancing tools: These balance areas in terms of size, potential revenue, and workload.
  • Territory compactness & contiguity tools: These help to reduce travel time and costs and improve sales efficiency by minimizing the size of, or distance within, service areas and by ensuring contiguous, or unbroken, areas.

Once a company has created optimal sales territories, they can assign them to their sales representatives, helping reps to be more focused and effective in their work.

Specific Maptitude tools/features used:

Scenario 2: Finding optimal locations for new stores or facilities

Many companies face the challenge of finding the optimal locations for new stores or facilities. This can be a complex task, as there are many factors to consider, such as demographics, traffic patterns, and proximity to competitors.

 Maptitude helps businesses to find optimal locations by providing them with a variety of geospatial data and analysis tools. These allow you to:

  • Identify areas with high population density and high income levels
  • Identify areas with high traffic counts and good access to major highways and intersections
  • Identify areas that are not already saturated with competitors
  • Create maps that clearly show this combined information

Once a company has identified potential locations, they can then conduct site visits and other research to narrow down the list.

Specific Maptitude tools/features used:

Scenario 3: Optimizing sales routes

Many companies face the challenge of optimizing their sales routes. This is important because it can help companies to save time and money, and to improve customer service.

Maptitude helps businesses to optimize their sales routes by providing them with a variety of geospatial data and analysis tools. These allow you to:

  • Identify the locations of their customers and prospects
  • Identify the best routes to travel between these locations
  • Estimate the travel time and distance for each route
  • Create maps that clearly show this combined information

Once a company has optimized their sales routes, they can then provide these routes to their sales representatives. This helps the reps to be more efficient and effective in their work.

Specific Maptitude tools/features used:

Scenario 4: Analyzing market data

Many companies face the challenge of analyzing market data. This is important because it can help companies to understand their market, to identify opportunities, and to make better decisions.

Maptitude helps businesses to analyze market data by providing them with a variety of geospatial data and analysis tools. These allow you to:

  • Identify areas with high market share
  • Identify areas with high growth potential
  • Identify areas where competitors are strongest
  • Create maps that clearly show this combined information

Once a company has analyzed their market data, they can use this information to develop marketing strategies, to target new customers, and to allocate resources more effectively.

Specific Maptitude tools/features used:

Maptitude is a powerful and versatile mapping software program that can help companies to solve a variety of problems. The scenarios listed above are just a few examples of how Maptitude can be used to improve business operations

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What other software or services does Maptitude integrate with?

1. Most geospatial, image, and table formats

2. You can connect to external service APIs such as Microsoft Bing, HERE, what3words, and Google Maps to geocode, analyze driving, public transportation, or walking travel times, or real-time travel by arrival time, departure time, and date.

3. The GISDK included with Maptitude has more than 850 GIS functions which can be called from Windows applications written in C# or any other .NET language, R, and Python.

4. Map background tiling services from USGS, OpenStreetMap, and other web imagery sources.

5. The Maptitude Google Maps toolbar allows you to see your current Maptitude map location in any of the different Google Maps views including Street View.

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