Caliper Mapping and Transportation Glossary


What is network partitioning?

Network partitioning is the process of creating zones or territories from a street network, such that each link is assigned to the closest or least cost service location, based on a service value, such as driving distance or time.

For example, you could use network partitioning to divide a city into zones based on the response time from all of the fire stations within that city. Each zone would be comprised of the streets for which its fire station has the fastest response time.

GIS Software for Creating Network Partitions

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What is Network Partitioning/Network Partitioning definition: Example of a network partition map created with Maptitude mapping software

The streets in this map were partitioned into zones based on the driving time to the nearest service point. No matter where you are in any of the zones, the point that is the shortest drive-time away is the one located within that zone.