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Maptitude Mapping Software

Maptitude Online Mapping Software

Cloud-based Web Mapping and GIS Designed for Business

Online Maps that Deliver the Best Results

Transform complex data into clear insights through the intuitive power of cloud-based mapping. Maptitude Online allows you to fully customize maps and to visualize information – affordably, and with robust security and ease of use.

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Introduction to Maptitude Online

What is Maptitude Online?

Maptitude Online brings the capabilities of geographic information systems (GIS) software to interactive maps on the internet. Maptitude has been refined over decades to be a precision tool for business development professionals. With Maptitude Online you are truly accessing GIS as a Software as a Service (SaaS). Maptitude Online combines the powerful functionality of Maptitude with Amazon Web Services and Mapbox GL JS, providing a seamless, secure, and reliable mapping experience.

Why Use Our Business-Grade Mapping Software?

Mapping stands out as the most intuitive way to visualize, understand, and share location-based data. While many services claim to offer a full suite of mapping tools, none come close to the proven track record of Maptitude features developed for the business community over many years. Other free and commercial applications simply lack the extensive capabilities and data needed to perform useful geographic analysis.

Vernon Scheuplein Jr.

“A picture speaks a thousand words. Being able to create a sales tool in a few clicks is priceless.”

Vernon Scheuplein Jr.
Aftermarket Business Development Manager, Weasler Engineering
Roseville, California

Try the Best Online Mapping Software

Maptitude Online, a powerful cloud-based application, is an online mapping software designed to solve the location-based issues faced by most organizations. With sophisticated mapping tools, extensive demographic and geographic data, and flexible customization options, Maptitude is the best choice in online mapping software for businesses.

Andre Barber

“If you are looking to expand a retail business with new locations, do not try doing it without using Maptitude. Among other things, Maptitude allows you to evaluate potential locations anywhere in the U.S. (also internationally) and examine the demographic profile of customers based on location parameters that you set. In addition, it allows you to map competitor locations and other locations that may be pertinent to your analysis. Basically, it takes the guesswork out of selecting a business location.”

Andre Barber
Manager, SLLM Pizza LLC
Tallahassee, Florida

 Start Mapping Now 

What are the benefits of web mapping and online mapping tools for businesses?

Efficient Data Visualization

  • Web mapping platforms allow businesses to display complex spatial data in an intuitive and visual format. By creating interactive maps, organizations can convey information effectively to stakeholders, clients, and employees.
  • These tools enable users to overlay various data layers (such as demographics, infrastructure, or environmental factors) on a map, making it easier to identify patterns and relationships.

Collaboration and Accessibility

  • Online mapping tools facilitate collaboration among team members, regardless of their physical location. Users can access maps and data from any device with an internet connection.
  • Businesses can share maps with clients, partners, or the public, enhancing transparency and communication.

Geospatial Analysis

Decision Support

  • Online mapping tools assist in decision-making by providing spatial context. Businesses can evaluate potential sites, assess risks, and allocate resources effectively.
  • Real estate developers, for example, can use these tools to evaluate land parcels based on zoning regulations, accessibility, and nearby amenities.

Customization and Integration

  • Many web mapping platforms allow customization through APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). Businesses can integrate maps into their websites, applications, or internal systems.
  • Customization options include adding custom markers, pop-up windows, and thematic layers.

Web mapping and online mapping tools empower businesses by offering efficient data visualization, collaboration, geospatial analysis, decision support, and customization. These benefits enhance operational efficiency and informed decision-making across various industries.  

Maptitude Online Features

Maptitude Online has a Wizard-driven interface that ensures you are creating maps within minutes of uploading your data. Step-by-step prompts guide you through each task, and the maps created can be fully customized in terms of styles, backgrounds, and content.

Simple Online Map Sharing for Customer and Business Engagement

Maptitude Online allows you to easily share your results with others, whether for internal business use, or for external customer outreach.

  • Share maps privately and securely via a username and login.
  • Share maps publicly with those given the map URL.
  • Embed public maps within a webpage or blog using one line of simple HTML iframe code.
  • Create and manage teams of subscribers and share with specific teams for better collaboration.
  • Export map images with a single click for inclusion in presentations or slides.
  • Download ready-made demographic report PDFs and overlays for your market areas and territories.
Julio Briones

“Great product for the money. It is a very easy product to use and the online function makes it easy to share with clients.”

Julio Briones
CEO, Briones Consulting Group
Plainfield, Indiana

Flexible Pushpin Online Mapping

Upload or just copy and paste your tables/spreadsheets into Maptitude Online with simple pin-mapping tools. You can even type your addresses if you need to. Maptitude provides batch geocoding of your addresses, postal/ZIP Codes, and city locations, with default options that create presentation quality maps.

Your pushpins can be visualized by value (e.g., sales, revenue, or number of prospects) or category (e.g., type, brand, or name), with different shapes, colors, and methods available to choose from. Thematics allow you to see different values for each point on the map as pie and bar charts for example, or by color palette or size.

  • Upload Excel/CSV data, type, or copy/paste your locations.
  • See where your data is located with cluster maps (also known as density and hot-spot maps) or bubble maps.
  • See your data on the map with point labels, color themes, size themes, chart themes, and symbol themes.

 Start Mapping Now 

Map Your Marketing and Sales Data for Better Results

Use Maptitude Online to decrease costs and increase revenue by geographically analyzing your data. Location intelligence helps your business understand the competitive landscape and where opportunities are, giving you insights the competition lacks.

  • Map US Census demographics, American Community Survey statistics, and other premium datasets, that provide valuable market insights.
  • Map your sales territories to better manage and analyze sales and rep and market coverage.
  • Use the Drawing Tools to extract data on the fly by radius or shape or to quickly edit and modify your maps.
Raymond Kwock

“Amazing product at a great value with even better customer service! The benefits have been providing invaluable insight to upper management regarding what kinds of opportunities are out there and consequently, giving the company a chance to grow via acquisitions. Moreover, the additional features within Maptitude allow you to identify new areas of growth or new markets to enter given the plethora of demographic data it has embedded within the software.”

Raymond Kwock
Senior Financial Analyst, AutoNation
Miami, Florida

Attractive and Insightful Map Visualizations

The Maptitude Online wizard-driven data chooser makes it easy for you to map any of hundreds of demographic variables or your own data. Geographic boundaries (ZIP Codes, States, Counties, and more) can be attractively shaded using predefined color ranges, or your own custom palettes.

  • To better understand your markets, create thematic visualizations such as color/heat maps, pie charts, cluster/bubble, density/hot-spot, symbol, and size themes.
  • Use shaded selection set filters to group your data, both in the map and in the associated tables, allowing you to query key information for better decisions.

Customizable Online Maps to Tell Your Data Story

Maps can tell the story hidden in your data in a way that no spreadsheet or database ever could. Maptitude Online allows you to make highly customized and attractive maps so that you can explain your findings in the clearest way possible.

  • Map layer control gives you the flexibility to manage every item in your map, whether you want to show more or less detail to convey your findings.
  • Choose from a variety of basemap backgrounds such as aerial and topographic, to instantly change the look and feel of maps to suit your needs.
  • Modify styles, colors, and icons from a wide variety of options, to better distinguish your locations and data on the map.
  • Custom brand your maps with your images, corporate logo, and company name. 

Analysis Tools for Location Intelligence

Built on decades of business user feedback, leverage the Maptitude Online location-based toolkit to make smarter decisions, faster.

  • Create radii/buffers/circles, straight line influence areas, and weighted centers to identify optimal site locations, define market areas, and establish and analyze territories.
  • Use drawing tools to quickly measure features, to add shapes to maps, and to download market demographics by shape as an Excel report.
  • Create drive-time rings to explore the reach of your facilities over the transportation network, and to see how accessible your sites are to customers.

 Start Mapping Now 

Try an interactive Maptitude Online map now!

This interactive map lets you see the median income for U.S. ZIP Codes and proximity to major U.S. airports.


How Organizations Use Maptitude Online for Success

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Maptitude Online?

Maptitude Online mapping software brings the benefits of the intuitive and powerful analytics of the desktop to the whole organization.

Administrator and team permissions can be set, and secure logins provide access to maps, data, and reports that can be accessed, queried, and downloaded. You can also choose which Maptitude Online maps you would like to make public.

The Maptitude Online mapping program can be thought of as either a “sharing add-in” to desktop Maptitude or as a stand-alone online mapping application.

Maptitude Online is both a map sharing add-in for desktop Maptitude and a stand-alone mapping application. Subscribe today for only $420 annually.

If you need to share your results with others, you can:

  • Share maps privately via a username and login
  • Share maps publicly with those given the map URL

In addition, even without a copy of desktop Maptitude, any subscriber can:

  • Upload Excel or CSV data, or copy and paste your locations, or even type your addresses
  • Batch geocode/pushpin address, ZIP Code, and city locations
  • Create thematic visualizations such as color/heat maps, pie charts, cluster/bubble, density/hot-spot, symbol, and size themes
  • Create radii/buffers/circles, straight line influence areas, weighted centers
  • Create demographic report PDFs and overlays
  • Use drawing tools to measure features, to add shapes to maps, and to download demographics by shape as an Excel report
  • Share maps publicly or privately
  • View, query, select, and filter tabular data and map layer features
  • Export map images
  • Create multiple selections on a layer, allowing, for example, interactive creation and visualization of territories (as sets) on an area layer such as ZIP Codes, Counties, or States
  • Modify maps (hide, delete, or add layers/spreadsheets, selections, themes, styles, labels, or analytics)

Map Sharing Add-in for Desktop Maptitude

As a map sharing add-in, maps and reports are created using either a desktop or remote desktop license. The annual online subscription then allows you to upload your maps and reports to the online application through which your maps can be viewed interactively via a web browser. Simple upload tools in desktop Maptitude securely transfer the data to the Maptitude Online platform.

Maptitude Online map software allows you to share the maps and reports that you create in Maptitude with people who don't have the desktop Maptitude software. The straight-forward publishing tools allow you to easily distribute your findings and results to those that need them within an organization and beyond.

Stand-alone Online Mapping Application

As a stand-alone application, desktop Maptitude is not required, and you can directly upload Excel or CSV data and map it using Create-a-Map-Wizard. These maps can also be shared online publicly or privately. This is a good option if you require flexible, customizable, and powerful online mapping or do not have Windows.

Maptitude Online address fields

1. Upload an Excel or CSV file to Maptitude Online and verify the fields that contain information that can be used for mapping.

Maptitude Online mapping options

2. Choose whether you want to display your data as points on a map or aggregated to postal codes or states

Maptitude Online map theme options

3. Choose a type of theme to use to illustrate your data on the map and one or more fields that contain the data to use.

Maptitude Online map analysis options

4. If you chose to show your data as points on a map, choose whether you also want to create buffers, find a weighted center, or create areas of influence/catchment areas

What are the Maptitude Online Requirements?

​Maptitude Online can be used on any device on any browser. If you have the latest desktop Maptitude or need a flexible, customizable, and powerful online mapping application, you can subscribe to share your maps privately or publicly. Subscribe now! Maptitude Online makes it simple to upload and share your maps and data and is supported by comprehensive help, learning materials, and has competitive features and pricing.

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