Caliper Corporation was founded in 1983, and first released Maptitude Mapping Software in 1995. Maptitude is used successfully by tens of thousands of users worldwide. Maptitude enables both private and public organizations to achieve their mapping requirements with ease and at low cost. We feel strongly that Maptitude is one of the highest quality mapping software products on the market. To help you and your organization make the most informed mapping software purchase we list below several user testimonias from a variety of different industries.

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Maptitude Testimonials:

Paul Lucassen

“Maptitude 2019 adds features and enhanced capabilities, that make it a continued pleasure to work with. Even after years of use I come across new options that allow for quality analysis. Frequently now, I apply the facility location tool, which offers outstanding opportunities to relocate warehouses or stores. Used creatively, for instance in Service Logistics engineer allocation projects, finding the right location for a pudo or dropbox location is a breeze with this tool. Multiple scenarios can be calculated and analysed, and the results integrated in Excel- or Power BI models. Maptitude continues to deliver complemented with outstanding support and training.”

Paul Lucassen

Arthur Allaway

“[Maptitude] imports and exports data back and forth to and from Excel, allows Dataviews to be edited from other geographic files (counts of point data within areas, distances from points or area centroids, etc.), allows color combinations based on templates or user choices, and even allows users to tap into Census data....In addition, the datasets that Caliper makes available for free for users are amazing.”

Arthur Allaway
Marketing Professor, University of Alabama

Rima Idir

“The software is very easy to use and can do a lot of analysis. It has helped me a lot with making strategic decisions for my analysis.”

Rima Idir
Remarketing Strategy Analyst, Kubota Corp. (Forbes Global 2000)

Kellye Martin

“I have access to traffic counts, local businesses, demographic information, drive times, and aerial imagery, all at the tips of my fingers. The program is easy to use, as well.”

Kellye Martin
GIS Analyst, Coast Realty Associates

Rocco A. DiAntonio, Jr.

I was in a bind when MS retired MapPoint. I discovered Maptitude in 2009 and have been using the software since then. Once you take time to use the various features, it becomes a joy to use when evaluating different market conditions/situations. I do enjoy using this software.”

Rocco A. DiAntonio, Jr.
Area Dealer Network Development Manager at Porsche Cars North America

Jason Black

“Maptitude is simple to use and inexpensive, but is powerful and packed with valuable data. I've used it for over 15 years and love it!”

Jason Black
Director of Advancement Services, Columbia College

Andrew Kolcz

“Ease of use, free US and world data, an exhaustive library of features, ability to automate tasks using GISDK, ease of training new users, amazing tech support, robustness and well thought-out user interface.”

Andrew Kolcz
VP Systems, ETC Institute

Pam Kleese

“I enjoy using this tool. It has a ton of features for those who need them and yet it's easy enough to navigate and produce output with more simple needs. The support is great and I highly recommend attending a training class or participating in a webinar to learn as much as possible.”

Pam Kleese
Director Marketing Information, Homesteaders Life Company

Norm Sutton

“Mapping beyond my expectations. What do I like best? The number of tools to present and manage territories and data.”

Norm Sutton
IT Manager/System Administrator, Global Warranty Corporation

Saige Paget

“So we needed a product that would allow us to map where our customers are located and be able to analyze demographics. Overall, considering this is a one time buy and not a SaaS, it has excellent value. The ability to overlay your data with demographic information is awesome.”

Saige Paget
Corporate Strategy Manager, Dental Marketing and Management Group

Richard Horton

“We have found Maptitude to be a really useful piece of software. It allows us to quickly and easily represent various data geographically, and the ease of functionality and ability to layer data makes it really user friendly. It has, among other things, helped us develop our sector-leading delivery service and understand areas that require focus from our sales teams.”

Richard Horton
Transportation Development & Planning Manager, Travis Perkins

Murtaza Haider

“Maptitude offers a diverse array of analytical tools at an affordable price. It is a comprehensive and the most affordable GIS software available on the market. Maptitude is a standalone product and comes fully loaded. Apart from the standard analytical tools, Maptitude offers extensive capabilities for analyzing competing businesses in a particular neighborhood using adjacency tools. It also performs route analysis to determine driving directions or delivery routes that minimize logistics costs.”

Murtaza Haider
Associate Professor, Ryerson University
Author: Getting Started with Data Science: Making Sense of Data with Analytics

Matt Myers

“If you're still not sure how easy Maptitude is to learn, take advantage of the free trial. Within an hour of install you will be performing trade area analysis and producing maps that will impress your clients or boss.”

Matt Myers
South Pacific Property Advisors

Matt Ardoin

“We are able to do things with Maptitude that we had not dreamed of doing before (using MapPoint and Territory Mapper). There are so many possibilities, that you can easily create a mapping solution that perfectly meets the need of your business model.”

Matt Ardoin
Operations Manager, Great Direct Concepts

Tania Bourque

“Tried Maptitude out looking for a simple mapping software, and got so much more. Definitely worth the purchase. The support team is above par and are always available for any question.”

Tania Bourque
Technical Services Analyst, Mabe Canada

John Cochran

“Maptitude is incredibly user-friendly. It can be very intimidating to use a new geospatial tool without formal training. With Maptitude, I started with no training and quickly became the in-house expert at my company. We are locating new stores, optimizing existing footprints and quantifying local market opportunities. I learn something new every time I open Maptitude and it certainly has become the go-to tool for our geospatial analytics.”

John Cochran
Strategic Analyst, PPG Industries (Fortune 500)

Esat Angun

“We use Maptitude extensively for running complex Territory Alignment scenarios. The depth of the product, its total utility and functionality is immense. Import-Export capability with Excel is seamless. It is easy to work with and Maptitude support is second to none. My complements to the Maptitude team: They have created a solid product and it is one of the best software investments we have made as an organization.”

Esat Angun
Director - Sales Operations, Octapharma, USA

Ben Hutchinson

Easy to use and speedy to map, comparable for ease of use to the discontinued MapPoint but offers lots of stronger features. The Video tutorials are a really good resource.”

Ben Hutchinson
Data Manager, Selco

Louis Scudere

“Maptitude is critical for providing information in commercial real estate location selection. Maptitude is a very versatile GIS system which is able to produce a wide variety of maps economically.”

Louis Scudere
Principal, Riverbend Retail Consulting LLC

Aaron Weesson

“Ease of moving territories, obtaining census data, and plotting territories to that data. Beautiful interface and several ways to customize the product and exports. The ability to pull in my older MapPoint files and data was a huge plus!”

Aaron Wesson
Marketing Operations Mgr, Spartan College of Aeronautics & Technology

Jayson Gumanid

“I highly recommend this piece of software to all sales managers out there who are struggling to keep track of their sales data and find trends in it. By using Maptitude, I was able to keep track of everything. Presenting these data to my boss can also be a daunting task, but Maptitude just makes my life easier.”

Jayson Gumanid

Mark Grahame

“Maptitude is easy to use yet powerful. When we have needed to ask questions the support has been fast, polite, professional and resolved our need to know how to do something. It has enhanced the service we offer our clients.”

Mark Grahame
Director, Able Medico Advisors

Charlotte Batson

“Maptitude has been an important tool for showing the geography of a variety of facilities and parameters, from rig trends by state, to patent trends by metro area, to the location of important infrastructure installations. Being able to illustrate and map these elements with Maptitude was essential for the analysis and, in addition, the software is backed up with outstanding support if needed.”

Charlotte Batson
Petroleum Engineer, Owner, Batson & Company

Brett Lucas

“Maptitude is a great alternative to [other mapping software]. Using Maptitude, I can easily create 3-D maps, heat/hot spot mapping, Areas of Influence (Thiessen Polygons), drive-time rings, flow maps (desire lines and spider maps), territory mapping, and spatial overlays (tagging features from one layer to another), trade area/site selection and much more.”

Brett Lucas
Business/Economic Geographer

Anthony Amolochitis

“This system was awesome. I used to use it at a print and mail shop I worked at. We would upload mail lists and select data from the map to target areas for advertising. We also integrated it with custom inhouse software. It was really easy to use as well. If you can use Excel or Word, then you can use this. Just awesome!”

Anthony Amolochitis
Owner, Blamotech LLC

Kirsten Tisdale

“Maptitude is excellent for doing geographic analysis projects looking at: where existing customers are and new ones might be (including using the built-in demographic data); identifying hot-spots, patterns and trends that can't be seen in Excel. It is really helpful with network design tasks - which sites are best: centers of gravity; visualizing size of flows between distribution centers; allocating volume to different depots.”

Kirsten Tisdale
Director/Logistics Consultant, Aricia Limited

CKE Restaurants

“Maptitude helps our franchisees navigate through the clutter, and focuses them on areas where there is the greatest likelihood for success.”

Mike Sawyer
Director of Market Planning, CKE (Fortune 1000)

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“This is awesome mapping software. We use it to create heat maps of where our patients live. This allows us to intelligently decide where to add services in our area.”

Philip Moya
San Antonio Kidney Disease Center

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“So how did my experience of Maptitude turn out – well it’s fantastic. I have achieved everything I wanted to be able to do, and more, regarding analyzing business data for all sorts of industries.”

Stephen Kilbee

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“Maptitude includes more features and data than most other products and is arguably the least expensive, yet serious, mapping tool available for Windows users. At only US$695 it is priced well below its more expensive competitors .”

Directions Magazine


"Maptitude has radically altered GIS economics by including demographic data that in the past would have cost tens of thousands of dollars."

Los Angeles Times


“Maptitude can get you started right out of the box and keep you going. The key is the program's ability to use or link to data regardless of whether it's from Caliper, other GIS data providers. or your own geographically coded data sets.”

PC Magazine


“If you're looking for data visualization and geographic analysis, Maptitude is your best bet.”


“So what makes Maptitude different from other similar products? First released in 1995, the tool is specifically designed for data visualization and geographic analysis; it also provides expanded functionality, easy-to-use, cost-effective, and updated technology.”

CIO Review


“[Maptitude] enables you to see all kinds of relationships that may not have been clear before: Maybe your product sells three times better in ZIP codes where the median age is under 35 than in areas where it is over 45.”

Los Angeles Times

Matt Rosenfield

“Overall, this product makes it incredibly simple to visualize and map both customer & company specific data. It is very intuitive and easy to pickup from the get go. I highly suggest utilizing a quick training video or session as it will improve your usability 10 fold with just a few tips & tricks. This product is incredible for what it was built for.”

Matt Rosenfield
Regional Operations Specialist at Wayfair (Fortune 1000)

Grant Thrall

“Maptitude is easy to learn. The included geospatial functionality will serve most analyst needs. And the package is available at a price point that will not provide a barrier.”

Grant Ian Thrall

Richard Hoskins

“Maptitude has extensive functionality...and a significantly flatter learning curve than other GIS software.... You get a fully functional GIS and extensive data for 1/3 the price of other GIS products.”

Dr. Richard E Hoskins
WA State Dept of Health

Nick Nicholas

“I've had the good fortune, or misfortune, to use quite a few GIS software packages over the past few years and can assure you that Maptitude is streets ahead when it comes to ease-of-use. The trick with any GIS is to understand the terminology, and Maptitude communicates it's functionality through a common-sense menu structure. The result is that a new user is up and running with an extensive range of capabilities within a very short time." "The package offers ease of use, an extensive range of functions and capabilities, and a wealth of data. In fact, if I purchased the data separately, from any of multiple sources, the cost for data and restructuring would be over $20,000.”

Nich Nicholas
The Demographers Workshop

Aniruddha Banerjee

“The new Maptitude 2014 GIS provides a sophisticated 3-D reality that looks professional as well as providing viewers with artistic and precise 3-D maps.”

Dr. Aniruddha Banerjee
IUPUI; UC Berkeley

Mike Meuser

“Maptitude includes Census, ACS, and FFIEC income data that saves us many hours of searching, selecting, downloading, sorting and combining data.”

Mike Meuser
Owner, MapCruzin

Viktor Keenan

“As far as ease of use goes Maptitude takes the prize, Maptitude is definitely easier to use right out-of-the-box and the learning curve for advanced functions is shorter than with MapInfo. As for presentations, Maptitude takes the prize again over MapInfo. The folks at Caliper took great pains and effort to make a GIS software application that is as user friendly as possible. They took the cartographic prep-work out of the equation, so that the user can spend less time trying to make the map look pretty and can focus on doing the actual analysis and presentation.

A few years back I did a cost comparison analysis of Maptitude vs. MapInfo and the result was a difference of over $20,000, I imagine this figure has only gone up since than. This took into account not just the cost of software but the cost of the data included with Maptitude that you have to purchase separately from MapInfo. Although in my current position, I'm not overly concerned with current economic or demographic statistics. I have used demographic and economic statistics from MapInfo vendors and Caliper’s data sets are more complete and better organized. Both Maptitude and MapInfo offer some nice thematic mapping wizards that utilize very nice color gradients but given a choice, the Maptitude wizards are easier to select from and the legends are easier to customize than MapInfo.”

Viktor Keenan
Sr. GIS Technician, City of Phoenix

Steve Hendel

“I believe that Caliper's Maptitude continues to provide more GIS-related features and more flexibility in defining and presenting data and map layers than MapPoint does. I also believe that the most comparable product to MapPoint in price, performance, and data included is Maptitude and not MapInfo or ArcView.”

Steve Hendel
Office Depot

Nigel Waters

“Caliper produces the inexpensive Maptitude desktop GIS package which has extensive GIS-Transportation functionality.”

Prof. Nigel Waters

“Maptitude is an excellent GIS program and is priced very low considering the value it provides. To name just a few key benefits I've experienced after owning it for only a week: It has tons of geographic and demographic information; it's relatively easy for beginners; there are tons of online guides, training materials, and seminars; tech support is very responsive and helpful. I highly recommend this program to anyone looking for basic to complex functionality in a GIS program.”

Jesse Greer

“My bank just purchased the Maptitude software for our assessment area mapping project, and I just love it. You import all your data into the software from an Excel spreadsheet.”

Compliance Officer
The Bank of Commerce, White Castle LA

“It is easy to figure out and does a good job at building basic maps out of spreadsheets. The maps are good looking and add a lot of value to data presentations without a significant time or effort outlay. I was able to make a point about regional market share that would have been very difficult to make without this software. We are able to quickly and easily make points about regional distributions without having to invest heavily in expensive much more robust software. Maptitude offered a good starting point for basic needs without a heavy learning curve.”

G2 Crowd User in Hospital & Health Care

“We switched to Maptitude....You can map your loans and the census tracts are updated for 2010 Data.”

CRCM Compliance Officer

“Maptitude has lots and lots of formats to import from or export to.”

Pieters De Kock
Consultant, South Africa

“I have been extremely happy with the purchase of Maptitude. I must admit, I was a little skeptical at first when comparing Maptitude to MapInfo due to the large price difference. But after researching both platforms I felt that Maptitude's functionality gave us the most bang for the buck.

Creating maps is very easy, not only because the user's guide that comes with the software is helpful, but the training offered is top notch. I was able to receive one-on-one training without leaving the office. My training sessions were also available via download to reference when ever I needed.

All in all we couldn't be happier with our purchase.”

David Ugarte
Motorola, Inc.

“The Maptitude 2014 demographics provide significant added value not available from other sources, revealing new information such as how many adolescents are likely to use a health program.”

Leslie Hendrickson
Owner, Hendrickson Development

“The data is accurate and very visually appealing. What this will mean in understanding the world around me is enormous. I have been able to jump right in and make beautiful, meaningful and accurate maps. Having the power to analytically divide markets, populations etc., will result in decisions with pinpoint accuracy.”

Brenden Morley
Hillman Group

“I highly recommend Maptitude. When I want to get something done RIGHT NOW, I use Maptitude, as I have since 1998.”

Fred C. Dilger, PhD
Black Mountain Research

“If you need to create data sets, Maptitude is the way to go; with the book and tutorials a normal person can do wonders with the program. Also, training the non-GIS casual user is easy.”

Carl L. Chance
City of Lake Charles Planning Department

“The difference between Maptitude and similar products is that it is shockingly easy to use. After a few hours with most GIS packages I'm ready to throw myself on the couch, a pint of Ben and Jerry's in one hand, TV remote in the other. Not so with Maptitude.”


“Mapping CRA and HMDA Data: Maptitude is wonderful. It is what I use.”

Kathleen Blanchard

"The Detention Standards and Compliance Division (DS&CD) of the Office of the Federal Detention Trustee (OFDT) would like to commend the Technical Support Manager for providing outstanding technical guidance in the application of the "Maptitude" Software Program."

Claudia Hill
U.S. Department of Justice, Office of the Federal Detention Trustee

GISDK Testimonials:

"GISDK is its own separate language. It's pretty straight forward and the documentation is good. I coded up a proto-type map server (based on their example) that locates a customer by address and produces reports about the services we offer in that area, e.g. their recycling day/trash pickup day."

Sonny Parafina, Solid Waste Services, City of Austin, TX

"Caliper offers one of the cheapest and easiest-to-use desktop GIS software products available. Maptitude includes a lot of compact, compressed GIS data...; a powerful geocoder; and interactive editing and topology maintenance tools. The GIS SDK (software development kit) allows users to customise and add their own applications. GIS SDK routines are accessible via OLE automation with Windows development products, setting up a pathway for users to implement a Web server."


Maptitude for the Web Testimonials:

"Good thematic analysis can be complex, especially in a web interface. This Maptitude powered application does a nice job of making it simple for the user."

Steve Lombardi, Microsoft, on Maptitude

"A wonderful Free website with public information important to every homebuyer."

Kathleen DiVirgilio, Real Estate Agent, on Maptitude

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