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Maptitude Mapping Software

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Smarter & Faster Decisions with Location Business Intelligence GIS

Key Features of Location Intelligence Software

Maptitude implements a professional-strength relational database, a feature critical for Location Intelligence (LI) software. Attribute data may be freely joined to and detached from geographic layers and tables. Relational data manipulation is integrated with robust and powerful geoprocessing for spatial queries, polygon overlay, and other location-based analyses. This is supported seamlessly so that data are moved easily to and from relational tables and geographic databases. In addition, each Maptitude table supports 32,767 fields and 1 billion records, and has unlimited character field widths.

The Maptitude Location Intelligence tool leverages a variety of data sources including aerial maps, geographic information systems (GIS), consumer demographics as well as a user's own customer records. Maptitude is an extremely popular and widely used business application and supports integration with existing platforms, allowing companies to integrate LI directly into business operations.

The ability to visualize "spatial" data and understand relationships between specific locations, helps organizations make more strategic business decisions. By leveraging location-based data, companies can identify business growth opportunities and improve the sharing of information. The Maptitude Location Intelligence tool has the capacity to organize and understand complex phenomena through the use of geographic relationships inherent in all business information. By combining geographic and location-related data with other business data, organizations can gain critical insights, make better decisions and optimize important processes and applications.

For example, the Maptitude Location Intelligence product has tools and data for geographically "mapping" information. Maptitude can transform large amounts of data into color-coded visual representations that make it easy to see trends and generate meaningful intelligence.

Business location software map of business data

Use Maptitude business location software to map your customer data, determine accessibility, and more.

Business intelligence GIS analysis of sites on a map

Make informed business decisions with Maptitude business intelligence GIS.

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Benefits of Affordable & Powerful Business Analytics Mapping Software

Many companies are implementing Business Intelligence (BI) and customer relationship management (CRM) systems, and these companies are now analyzing customer behavior to plan and optimize marketing tactics and improve customer service. Location BI Mapping adds the critical spatial element. As the volume and availability of customer data increases, companies cannot afford to ignore the opportunities that are possible when integrating a mapping element into customer and marketing analysis. Maptitude is the only Location Intelligence platform on the market today that is capable of processing the magnitude of data required for effective and meaningful location-based customer relationship management. The analytical power combined with the rich datasets and intuitive interface of the Maptitude platform makes examining the geographical context of customer behavior transparent, uncovers trends, and makes taking action easy, all of which will positively impact the bottom line.

Business location analytics

Location analytics

Client, territory, and geo-tagged information are an organization's greatest asset, and it has often been shown that over 80% of company data has a mappable component. Maptitude allows you to fully realize this potential by helping organizations to make informed decisions through a better understanding of the geography of their markets.

Despite the extensive functionality, a casual user can easily learn Maptitude. In most instances the software will automatically accommodate novice users, while providing experienced users with the flexibility to customize analyses and results.

Location based analysis

Location based analysis of your region or custom territories

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“Pros: Cost. Much easier to reach a purchasing decision. I loved the integrated country data package so I didn't have to download census layers and other info - it was all built in.”

Alex Martin
Sr. Program Manager, Amazon
Seattle, Washington

What is the Best Business Intelligence Mapping Software?

Maptitude is a robust and easy-to-use professional LI tool. Maptitude provides all the features that your organization requires in order to take advantage of the geographic elements of your data, and to effectively explore information.

Maptitude costs only US$695 and is packaged as a one-stop-solution, shipping with all the tools and data required to investigate business performance to gain insight and drive business planning. These include extensive demographics, consumer segmentation data, and address/postal geocoding and validation.

Since 1995, Maptitude has provided cost-effective location intelligence solutions to businesses of all sizes, enabling them to realize the benefits of location based analysis, a technology usually restricted to large corporations. Maptitude provides a way to extend the capabilities of all business analysts. With a focus on usability, Maptitude has consistently been labeled as the easiest-to-use professional mapping software (read reviews here).

Maptitude has a variety of licensing models ranging from single usage to Cloud access. Maptitude can be used as a desktop application whether or not you are connected to the Internet, which reduces the risk of exposing your databases and allows use in the field. As an Enterprise GIS (Geographic Information System), Maptitude allows widespread use of mapping software throughout an organization, where multiple users can manage, share, and use geographic data for analysis and presentation (More...). Also, Maptitude Online maps are accessible via browser-based interfaces on mobile devices.

Maptitude allows you to directly utilize your corporate data via extensive file format support, which includes Microsoft Office (Excel and Access) and any CRM database via ODBC. You also have complete control over the way your maps look, and can customize them in any way that you require.

Maptitude business intelligence mapping software running on mobile tablet device

Maptitude location intelligence map on a mobile tablet device

The Maptitude product suite is not limited to the USA. There are now 24 Country Packages available covering: 3 of the 5 fast-growing BRICS economies (BrazilSouth Africa, and India); 6 of the Group of Seven (G7) nations (including the USA); and 12 of the Group of Twenty major economies (including Australia).

Maptitude remains the most competitively priced professional location intelligence software available and is unique in the marketplace for the provision of comprehensive data and functionality in a single product for a single low price.    

Contact Maptitude Sales today at:

Armando Scalise

“As a GIS professional I have used Caliper products for 20 years. Maptitude is the GIS software I recommend to my clients, because of its perfect balance between ease of use, analytic power and wealth of geographical data bundled with each new release. With Maptitude, uses both seasoned and beginners can start creating meaningful, informative maps in a couple of days. Despite its smooth learning curve, it has powerful resources for developing complex spatial applications. I have used Maptitude in business intelligence, academic research, environmental consulting, land management and GIS education. In all cases, Maptitude allowed me to develop my projects efficiently and at a low cost.”

Armando Scalise
Independent GIS consultant

Caliper is one of the leading location intelligence companies. Caliper offers business analytics software and services to companies of all sizes, helping them to meet to their business intelligence mapping needs.

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